NEW YAMNAYA FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION: Using their skulls, the latest genetic data about their phenotype, and the latest facial reconstruction techniques, the 3D artist Robert Molyneaux was able to create realistic reconstructions of Yamnaya people for a forthcoming Survive the Jive video. We are pleased to reveal the first one in the form of this infographic which shows us what a male from Bykovo cemetery on the Volga looked like. 
His features are notably robust, particularly his chin and brow but his skull is quite long, which is typical of the dolichocephalic eastern Yamnaya. We have reconstructed him with brown eyes, which is statistically likely for his people, although we don’t have his personal DNA to check what colour hair he specifically had. His skin tone is at the darker end of the European spectrum and was based on that of modern Georgian people from the North Caucasus who have a similar range of complexions as the Yamnaya.
You can see more of him and learn all about the Yamnaya when the STJ documentary is finished later this summer! In the meantime, please share this infographic all around.