The "NARCO" In Anarcho-Terrorism.  Smugglers Busted Supplying Weapons To Criminal Subversives Ahead Of G20 Summit.

June 30, 2019
Trump left the last G20 seven months ago with battle lines clearly drawn, the several conservative presidents of South America joining the USA to resist the spread of European, Chinese, and Russian influence in the New World.  In that short time, unarmed independence movements and nationalistic fronts have been brutally crushed in France and Spain, African migrants have continued their drive to destroy European culture and rule of law, and the same formula has been rolled out on the American Continent.  Subversive groups have been operating against conservative Argentinean President Macri and Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, the former facing a hotly-contested election this year.  Never content with street demonstrations and riots, the Communist opposition to these allied presidents has increased lawlessness, with assassinations and kidnappings on the rise.  The film, "Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)" glorifies the rise of kidnapping in Brazil as a popular revolt against oppression and injustice, painting the thugs as revolutionaries resisting tyranny.  The cause of the nationwide blowout of the Argentinian power grid is still officially unknown; often successful strikes by terrorist groups are not officially acknowledged.  In this case, not even a Red Herring has been brought forward, leaving the world to wonder what fiend or fault may have caused the massive blackout, or "Apagón". 

These militant, Marxist, criminal anarchists are causing more and more chaos, and now their illegal weapons pipeline has been discovered, coming through Holland from Germany and Spain.   Many weapons parts (internally unregulated) were procured in the United States, but their international shipment suggests complicity inside the US Postal Service and Argentine Customs.  Over 2500 firearms were seized, plus ammunition, explosives, grenades, launching tubes, and at least one anti-aircraft "cannon".  These weapons are part of the subversion/sapper preparations  for hot coups and opens wars to destabilize the Americas and flood the USA with weaponized, criminal migrants.  Do not be fooled by the G20 "family photo", the world is at war, and the goal is to topple the US and the Americas!