As we continue to work on Broken Strands, the upcoming TnK expansion, we wanted to discuss one of the major changes coming in the book; the Navarre.

Whereas many games feature a prominent setting, we chose not to incorporate the Navarre into the core book as it requires a book of its own to fully explore.

As those who have read the books know, the core portion of The Navarro Knight is Earth, set shortly in the wake of an event known as The Collapse. By focusing on the core rules as well as a location close to home, we wanted to stress the sudden lack of safety within areas that most people would consider safe or civilized.

Broken Strands focuses on the Navarre, a destination of all black ships. It is here that many inhuman and anomalous creations rest, placed upon floating continents separated into various layers around a central, disk-shaped ocean. Whereas the core rulebooks explain a universe  where the nations of earth are separated in a very clean or clinical fashion, Broken Strands instead pits multiple cultures against one another, some of which are not human.

By having a setting where these multiple cultures interact, we look to expand upon the traits explored in the original books by providing a new lens.

Additionally, we are looking for more ways to broaden the powers that characters can call upon, including options to allow for multiple abilities to be used in a single round and to adapt to new situations.

We look forward to continuing our updates in the future.