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This tier is for people that just want to show their support. The core game, included in the Field Guide, will remain free so long as my subscribestar account remains online. Payments at this level will provide access to the Narrator Guide and Monsters Pt 1 and 2.

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For individuals that want to support the future expansions to this game, this tier will provide access to expansions as they are completed as well as access to WIPs of future expansions.

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It's here!

We promised it a while ago, and we are delivering it now: Both the Field Guide, for players, and the Narrator Manual are both open and available for download from this site:

The Field Guide has received a small update including Total XP expenditures for character creation, making it easier for you to do the math for your character.

The current expansion, Broken Strands, is being reworked from the ground up. Next week we will provide some details regarding where we see the setting progressing.
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A key part of designing a game is understanding the interactions between the players and the engine on which the game is run. Without understanding those interactions, you cannot hope to present entertaining or meaningful choices to players.

Sadly, this means you also cannot provide a Game Master or Narrator the opportunity to pass along those choices.

The easiest way to convey that we want players and game masters to have a deeper storytelling experience is to allow choices from character generation onward. Customization provides players the ability to fine-tune how they want to play the game.

We're hoping to expand these options, and these choices, that players are allowed to make for their characters. Masterwork weapons and armor are allowed integrated modifications that do not consume the slot they traditionally would, and we are looking into expanding the system further.

These new mods may only be applied when the masterwork weapon or armor is created and may not be removed or replaced in the future. Because of the investment, these modifications are quite powerful, but also do not function as well for other characters unless refitted for them specifically.

We'll continue to keep you updated, and hope you enjoy The Navarro Knight.
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When working with new items and gear, the question of balance often comes into play. What are the limitations of an object, and what should you allow. Ideally, for a game designer, a particular item fits in a specific category that cannot be used in any other way. It makes it easier for that item to only be used in the specific way described.

For a player, however, you want options. As a designer, it is our responsibility to think of what they want to use, and how they might possibly use it. Shields, in the core rule book, are one such piece of gear that can be used as a weapon or to defend yourself from attack.

Joining the list is the Hoverboard, available in the Broken Strands expansion. Rather than consume a gadget slot in exchange for a temporary bonus, a hoverboard is equipped as a primary weapon. The significant boost in mobility it provides offsets the penalty of being unable to wield a heavy weapon, while also allowing a player to launch their ride at a nearby opponent or wield it as the titanium version of a cricket bat.

Being classified as a weapon also means that an individual can see fit to modify their board. Hide guns in the hull, or cover the sides in an ion field to rip apart your enemies.

As always, Cyberspine is working to create a universe and ruleset where you can play the characters you've always wanted to.
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As we continue to work on Broken Strands, the upcoming TnK expansion, we wanted to discuss one of the major changes coming in the book; the Navarre.

Whereas many games feature a prominent setting, we chose not to incorporate the Navarre into the core book as it requires a book of its own to fully explore.

As those who have read the books know, the core portion of The Navarro Knight is Earth, set shortly in the wake of an event known as The Collapse. By focusing on the core rules as well as a location close to home, we wanted to stress the sudden lack of safety within areas that most people would consider safe or civilized.

Broken Strands focuses on the Navarre, a destination of all black ships. It is here that many inhuman and anomalous creations rest, placed upon floating continents separated into various layers around a central, disk-shaped ocean. Whereas the core rulebooks explain a universe  where the nations of earth are separated in a very clean or clinical fashion, Broken Strands instead pits multiple cultures against one another, some of which are not human.

By having a setting where these multiple cultures interact, we look to expand upon the traits explored in the original books by providing a new lens.

Additionally, we are looking for more ways to broaden the powers that characters can call upon, including options to allow for multiple abilities to be used in a single round and to adapt to new situations.

We look forward to continuing our updates in the future.
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We hope all of you have had a wonderful, long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.

We've been continuing to burn the midnight oil expanding the setting of the game as well as expounding on the basic information found in the publicly released Field Guide.

While doing so, we've come to realize that the nature of the game requires paying attention to a close balance of information to reveal, and information that should be kept obscured from the players. What complicates the matter is that much of this information is helpful for Narrators to have, as it helps them come up with their own ideas.

We would rather not split the expansion's information into two separate documents to read through, but we're currently weighing the pros and cons of players accidentally going insane from seeing the mysteries of the universe unfold before their eyes.

Of additional note, we hope that you all will visit us at Dragon's Lair at Alamo Ranch this coming Saturday, June 1st. We'll be running more trial games!
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We had a great time this past Saturday, meeting people and discussing our project with them. We will be returning in two weeks time to run more trial sessions, as well as discuss the future of our project with those who are interested.

Currently we are investing our time into creating new content for the Broken Strands expansion to our game. Involving alternate realities, the expansion explores the many 'what if' scenarios involving the nature of The Collapse and the changes it caused.
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 Attention all San Antonio residents!

We'll be running demo games and modules for TNK at Dragon's Lair at Alamo Ranch. Premade characters will be available, as well as blank character sheets for those that want a more customized experience.

We look forward to seeing you there! 
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A small update regarding The Navarro Knight:

With the main game complete, we're setting our eyes on expanding the content. The first expansion, which we are currently working on, involves the multiversal realm known as The Strands.

This expansion will be our first major foray within the setting into creating unique worlds that are not based on our own, worlds with their own unique histories and socio-political intrigue.

This will mean expansion of equipment customization options that reflect different styles of combat, including worlds that lack ranged weapons or even those that lack metal with which to manufacture industrial technologies.

This will also mean exploration of worlds that have not been touched by human influence and, thereby, do not conform to a basic sense of morality.

We will keep you informed as we create more content.

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Good Evening,

Today, as San Antonio finishes celebrating the Battle of Flowers, I want to provide you all with another celebratory note:

Cyberspine is releasing, as promised, the current version of the player's guide for free, to the public, as a PDF download.

This download contains all the information required to understand the core rules of the game, create characters, and to start adventuring in the mid-apocalyptic world of Navarro.

We will be simultaneously releasing the Narrator's Guide, the book centered on Game Masters, for our first, $5 tier.

We wish you a wonderful weekend, happy hunting.

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Hello and welcome to the SubscribeStar page for The Navarro Knight, created by Cyberspine Publishing.

What is Cyberspine?

We are an independent tabletop game company located in San Antonio, TX.

We were founded upon noticing a disturbing trend regarding game companies to promote political policies rather than create entertainment for their audiences.

As such we make this promise and acknowledgement to you:

We exist at your pleasure. We exist to create entertainment for you. Every product we make will earn your approval, and, if it does not, we will hone and refine it until it does.

What is TNK?

The Navarro Knight, referred to as TNK, is a roguelike tabletop RPG. Set in our immediate future, the world has suffered from an event known as 'The Collapse' that has damaged the basic rules that govern our reality, such as time and gravity.

Combined with the removal of governmental structures and mass disappearance of the population, mankind stalks through urban and rural environments in order to live day-to-day. Their scavenging through these locations is a haunted task, often breaching the barriers of familiar sites such as football stadiums for supplies only to be greeted by stands filled with clothing scattered as though their wearer simply evaporated.

This setting is paired with a modular rule system as well as constant core mechanics to ensure that players are able to enjoy the type of community story that they want to experience.

Why SubscribeStar? Why not IndieGoGo or Kickstarter?

First and foremost, we intend to release the player's handbook and, eventually, the gm's guide for free in a digital format. These other sites are often for physical items to be given as a benefit with a product or sold on their own.

We may work with IndieGoGo in the future if there is demand for physical copies of our RPG, but that is not our primary goal.

Our goal is to make something new.

Using old mistakes as lessons to learn from, our goal as a company is to create new games that challenge the current environment in tabletop shops. Specifically, we aim to challenge the new, judgmental environment that has previously led to the closure of comic book shops and false controversy.

Cyberspine will accomplish this by holding ourselves to the highest standards in creating quality products and material for our audience.


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