Governor Abbott Toured The Texas/Mexico Border Today

The Texas Governor took Foxnews along for the ride, getting 14 whole minutes of airtime to bash Biden and decry the cartel control on the Mexican side.  He failed to mention that the #1 hombre responsible for this was just impeached by the Mexican congress and was hiding out among the migrants in Texas, right underneath Abbott's whirring rotor blades.  More interesting is that this criminal, Tamaulipas State ex-governor Francisco J. G. Cabeza de Vaca, is a creation of Texas RINOs including Land Commissioner George P. Bush (Jeb's boy and current scion of the Bush crime family).  The congressmen of Mexico Friday stripped Cabeza de Vaca of his immunity to prosecution, opening the way for charges to be brought.  He fled to Texas Friday night (report below).  Murder, trafficking humans & drugs, killing "problem" migrants, meeting El Chapo & G. Garcia Luna, fuel theft, arranging & taking bribes, the car wash scandal, and owning 20 properties he cannot afford are only the beginnings of what Cabeza de Vaca is accused of doing, turning Tamaulipas state bordering Texas into an apocalyptic wasteland rivalling any in fiction.  It is strange that instead of hunting this fleeing felon, Governor Abbott pointed fingers at Washington.  It is true that Biden gave migrants the green light to cross, but the safe haven where they staged to cross was created over many years by Bush interests and Merida Initiative money.