What’s good y’all?  Well we FINALLY traveled back out and far into the desert yesterday for a batch of Dry Washing Concentrates. Weather conditions were near perfect even with the strong and constant high winds from the North.  Great area, remote, ancient volcanic geology, heavy iron, and some good GOLD during every trip.  We bagged more Concentrates for Patreon Patrons monthly shipments.  Our most popular Patron rewards are the 1/4 pounder pay dirt bags and the Dry Washing Concentrates. 
 The trip was a nice short getaway, great drive, and important reminder about how much fun some good ‘ol hard digging is.  It’s tiring and that feels good! There is so much open space out there that 1) it makes you think there MUST be virgin gold deposits still out there just quietly waiting for me to discover them and 2) how people found the gold in the first place is AMAZING!  Until you're out there, it's hard for me to explain the vastness and complexity of the area's sections. Also, there is some known history and a lot of lost and forgotten history... 
Thanks again to our Subscribestar supporters, Patreon Patrons, Subscribers, supporters, buyers, and viewers.  In the next upcoming video we will be announcing the Silver Bullion winners and announcing another Silver Give_away for commenters.  Please add your comments on our last video to get in the Silver give_away and always slam the like or upvote our content on any platform, thanks!  The viewer participation with length of views, likes, shares, and comments help spread our content to more viewers. We have really gotten out of practice with the videos and will be getting back into them my friends.  Little by little we want to get back into videos perhaps twice a month or more. Always thankful and wishing you Happy Hunting! 
For the Silver Giveaway, check out our video  GTAO VLOGS #31 and add your comment to enter. Stay well, take care, and have fun!  Aaron