Episode 170: Chih-yu Chao
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A lot of you out there are pursuing goals. They might not be earth-shattering or grandiose...but they are personal and very close to your heart. And I'm betting that many of you are struggling with these goals, and may be at a crossroads where you're thinking of giving them up.
Hopefully, today's episode will inspire you to keep going!
My guest today is a mechanical engineer with advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and MIT. But since her childhood, she has had a passion for music. And instead of giving up her passion, she always found a way to make room for it despite all the demands of school, work, and life. 
As luck would have it, her interest in music brought her to tango, and eventually she became a bandoneon player and singer! How amazing is that?
Let's meet Chih-Yu Chao...

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