Hi everyone!
You've stopped by a little early.  I've unlocked the doors and turned on the lights.  Gimme a few weeks to really get this place set up for you.  I plan on having multiple posts each week and a selection of podcasts and articles for you to enjoy.  I'll cover such topics as relationships, stress, self-image issues, values, goals, personal health, and spiritual insights.

For those of you who know me, I know you'll love what's coming.  For those of you who don't, here's a brief description of what you can expect.  

1) Weekly podcasts at least 15 minutes long to provide encouragement and insight to help you thrive in your daily life.  Here's where I keep it simple and practical.  This is based on what many of my past clients have asked for help with.  Chances are, their experiences may be valuable to you.

2)  Weekly podcasts with a practical spiritual focus that describes proven biblical techniques to help you heal and thrive.  This isn't your typical religious "rah, rah" stuff.  This is intended to fill a void in the world of Christian teaching and counseling.  

3)  Publishing complete series on such topics as marriage, trauma, and specific life skills.  I'll even include handouts!  I've led many seminars on marriage, life skills, and trauma.  This is where I'll put together those seminars in the most creative manner I can and offer them to you.  

4)  And more....  As I have the opportunity and creativity to add additional categories of content, I will definitely do so.