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Is having document compatibility with MS Office still relevant?

It is unthinkable that we still have to fight Microsoft to get our way...

How to fix this problem...

This is a big yet simple question, as MS Office is the defacto standard around the world. Many have tried to brake Microsoft's monopoly with creating their own proprietary document formats, but to no avail.

With the advent of HTML5 the internet has seen a massive growth in web content, interactive websites, and even the creation of instant stand alone web browser apps. Since the internet is currently having such a great success with HTML5 as its foundation, it begs the question; why can't it be used as a document format too?
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                           Well, my answer is short and simple... yes it can!

Web browsers already have most if not all of the capabilities of word processing already embedded into its programming. Since all web browsers have to be HTML5 compliant, it is very possible to create HTML5 applications that are able to replace current text editors and even professional word processors currently found on desktop computers.

For those of you who haven't used, know about, or have seen our online office suite, you definitely don't need to be compatible with the big bad wolf called MS Office to share and exchange documents with friends and colleagues.

In some respect it is even better than MS Office, since you don't need to install resource heavy software on your desktop or computer device. Even better than online MS Office is the fact that it also doesn't run off the Cloud either.

What that means is that our web apps are always available to be used when YOU need it most, unlike Cloud based online software; if the Cloud goes down, so does your Online Office suite, leaving you high and dry without any recourse.

I have written about this before, but I cannot stress it enough, MS Office's days of document dominance is over!

Have a look at our online HTML5 office suite and tell me I'm wrong:

                              ...Go Online and enjoy complete productivity freedom...