2021 fundraiser! 
If you are a current supporter, thank you very much for being here and especially being here so early! I’d like to explain what my work is and encourages others to join in for those who are new or unaware!
The tl;dr is pretty simple, something I’ve been talking about for years now, and it’s an organization similar to the ADL or SPLC, but for people of European stock. We need a legal organization that looks out for our interests which are often very different from other groups and from what the current mainstream will represent.
A bit about my work, past, present, and future. I’ve been writing publicly for four years now. I started writing during undergrad, working on articles and a book, I began to publish shortly thereafter with The Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, and Arktos. My work has been re-published and mirrored on AmRen, Unz, Vdare, The Ethnic European, National Vanguard, and on sites in at least five languages throughout Europe from Spain to Norway.

I am building out a website to host all of my collected works and a site for the legal aid that will offer easier contact methods, testimonials of those we have helped, and a streamlined donation process.

Work at The Occidental Observer
Work at Counter-Currents
Liberalism Unmasked book to buy and free PDF – I offer everybody the free PDF to take a look at to see if it’s something they would like before purchase or to keep an easy to search digital version to find stats and sources. 
This thread on Twitter has a brief description of many of the articles. 
The best place to start is with my “Why I Write” article. It is part of the story of how I got involved here. A brutal crime in a small white town and watching it all crumble down around me.
Every Christmas season for the past several years I’ve done a clothing drive for families in need. It’s grown each year, this past year with the shirt and sweatshirt sales, I raised about $2,500 that I used to provide sweaters, hats, gloves, Christmas gifts, and to help families from our community that needed a bit. 
In addition to writing, I started a legal themed show called Dark Academia that has so far covered topics like free speech for political dissidents, the legal history of civil rights, firearm considerations for dissidents, red flag laws, and navigating legal options if your private employers require a covid-19 vaccine. Past episodes will be uploaded soon and will continue covering topics that are more specialized such as these. 
Writing throughout all of law school, I graduated and passed the bar on the first go. Now that I am licensed, I have been providing legal aid to the community. Everything from mediations to helping people being investigated by the FBI. This is the focal point of what I will do going forward and why funding is necessary. Things are quickly becoming very busy and the need for legal aid for our people is tremendous, and I expect it to only grow for some time as the current trajectory continues. 
Our people need help, and they often have nowhere to turn. I am changing that. But to continue to provide great care and to expand, I need help as well. Funding will go towards the day-to-day costs of running a legal aid operation. Research costs, filing and court fees if necessary, travel when necessary, and a very modest compensation. Beyond the basic requirements which the $1,400 goal would meet, which is a serious shoe-string budget, but most of these types of things always must start that way, will be expansion and building a “war chest”. I want to ensure I have a contact in every state so I can help our people anywhere they have trouble and enter into out-of-state courts if necessary, to represent them or sue companies / school boards / universities where necessary. Helping friendly travelers become licensed is part of this, as well as having lawyers in this community getting licensed in other jurisdictions, which is very expensive and time-intensive. The funds will go towards memos for the community, legal defense, offensive cases that come up, and more. 
Some people have asked why I simply don’t just work a normie job and do this in my spare time, the answer is that I already am and that my time is already stretched to the point of extreme discomfort to my personal life. I work 30 hours a week at a normie gig (which these people are trying to get me fired from) and put in 40 hours a week writing and providing aid to this community. Although this is somewhat sustainable, without additional funding, it will not grow to where it needs to be, to where It can be. There’s no reason to leave so much potential good on the table. If everybody chips in a bit, we can build something powerful and lasting, way beyond what I can manage alone. This sort of project is ambitions, is already causing a lot of anger among the right crowd, and is something that has high rewards to match the higher cost. Nobody is doing anything like this now, nobody else is prepared to either. It's very important to set a high standard and follow through.
My goal for 2021 is to hit the $1,400 monthly goal on the this blog, and then raise an additional $30,000 to work as the seed money for this project. The main expenditure goes towards legal aid and outreach. Beyond providing basic legal aid, we will grow into offensive legal actions to push back against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and forced diversity training at employers. 
There is currently an ongoing and coordinated effort to have me fired and disbarred. Ruined essentially, for having the wrong views, according to these ghouls. I will not bend the knee and I will fight off every attack and defend myself and our people fiercely. There will be NO backing down to these freaks. With that said, I could use some help. Putting together a larger team of people is important. So is having the ability to weather any attacks and put more resources towards defensive postures. Here is a small example of the attacks. Well-funded NGOs, one based in Israel, with media connections are coming after me already, after a mere two-months of being licensed. A testament to what I am doing already. 
If you would like to support the continuation of publishing, the Dark Academia show, and the legal operation there is a monthly option of $1-99 through Subscribe Star located here;
if you would like a higher monthly option, just let me know.
I post updates of the newest published material and more here. If you would like to donate via cryptocurrencies, the wallet address is here; 
If you would like to support via PayPal, cashapp, or venmo, let me know and I will provide that information. Old fashioned checks or money orders or cash in the mail is also accepted to a P.O. box, again contact me on telegram or here for those if that is preferable. 
Heywildrich is my telegram name. You can contact me there for information about legal aid, or donating or any questions about any of this. 

This is something I've been working towards for many years now. When I would mention it in the past it was met with a lot of negativity by people who were frankly already defeated. We have made it a long way and taken all the slings and arrows. At this point there is no legitimate excuse. We will not be "shut down" or stopped. We are already helping people, making their lives better, keeping them safe, and we will continue to do so.
Thank you so much for being here and supporting, together we can build this vanguard and step back onto the stage of history.