I'd like to bring you the story of Oreo, the stray cat that showed up on my back patio around September 2019 with his girlfriend Hissy. It took 2 months of food & treats before I could pet Oreo & 3 months for Hissy. They have had 2 litters of Kittens since we meet. They stay in a barn across the road and bring their kittens over every night to eat. I built an A frame house for them with a heating pad inside. The top 1/3 of his left ear is bent at a 45 degree angle & his nose has constant scratches with many scares from defending his territory. Its amazing to see how much he loves his Family. I will be using security camera video, cell phone & sport XDV footage. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I do.😸
                I Wanted to Include Oreo in this story about his family but sadly he past away around 11pm 2/11/21 in my arms from mysterious injury's. He disappeared in the early morning hours of Jan 31st, limping off into a snowstorm. He hadn't missed supper in over 2 years, I was very worried.  Oreo disappeared for 5 days and finally made it back on the 5th of February. I took him to the Veterinary clinic and the doctor said Oreo had a 105 degree temperature, was dehydrated, ear was lacerated, eye infection in left eye and both eyes were badly bloodshot. They said it looked like a traumatic head injurie. I cared for him for 6 days but he couldn't pull though.
                I would like to continue with telling and showing stories about Oreo's family and friends though his son Jessy & Oreo Jr. One day I would like to show you videos abut Oreo and what a wonderful cat he was, one day I will.