Finished a new video: Operation Mockingbird - With everything that we are subjected to within media, both traditional and digital, understanding the government's long-standing subversion of "news media" couldn't be more critical. Check it out if you are interested! -

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale project undertaken by the CIA beginning in the 1950s in which they recruited American journalists into a propaganda network. The recruited journalists were put on payroll by the CIA and instructed to write fake stories that promoted the views of the intelligence agency. 

This program has been reported on multiple times, but somehow everyone decides to forget about the implications and just move on with their lives.

We are experiencing the implications of such a program today. The very fabric of society is being ripped apart by journalists denigrating their profession, sowing discord, creating conflict, spreading disinformation, and willingly discarding truth subservience to their handlers.