We hope all of you have had a wonderful, long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.

We've been continuing to burn the midnight oil expanding the setting of the game as well as expounding on the basic information found in the publicly released Field Guide.

While doing so, we've come to realize that the nature of the game requires paying attention to a close balance of information to reveal, and information that should be kept obscured from the players. What complicates the matter is that much of this information is helpful for Narrators to have, as it helps them come up with their own ideas.

We would rather not split the expansion's information into two separate documents to read through, but we're currently weighing the pros and cons of players accidentally going insane from seeing the mysteries of the universe unfold before their eyes.

Of additional note, we hope that you all will visit us at Dragon's Lair at Alamo Ranch this coming Saturday, June 1st. We'll be running more trial games!