We got some great VIVID VAULT ideas! The final challenges to unlock the VAULT will be announced in June.

Though we can’t make Anthrocon, we will be running Couchcon online- bigger and better than ever, launching Friday July 5th. http://www.vividpub.com/couchcon

Some of our Couchcon vendors are plotting tempting sales for the event, and we can preview the number and price of our planned commission slots:

(1) Full color, full background, unlimited characters commission $350
(1) Full background, unlimited characters polished pencil lineart commission $180
(2) Color added to any previous lineart commission $150
(2) 1-3 characters, no background, polished pencil lineart $150
(3) Single character polished lineart $100
(10) Quick Sharpie Doodles, single character $5

Also, SKOM is returning for Couchcon. But instead of Sketch of the Month, it will be Sketch of the Many. Every Mastermind backer will submit an idea in June, and every idea will be created as a quick sharpie doodle. We’ll put the ideas to a vote, and complete the winner as a pencil drawing. 

 Sketch of the Many will only happen once or twice a year- the Monthly Vivid Poll is our new every-month art generator. This month, Commanding Vote backers chose to have us finish the Vi animation cycle.

She’s almost ready to show off- thanks for the great direction everyone, more announcements and art to come.