NEPHILIM Bible Lesson 3 Recently Published On

Studies of the Nephilim have been a hot topic for some time, but very little teaching from the Bible has been brought forward about them...until now!

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I misspoke in this recording about a text written around 1700, the correct text I intended to refer to is Magnalia Christi Americana, which can be downloaded free on pdf HERE.

The discussed account is on pages 352-3 on the pdf, pages 344-5 according to the page numbers on the document itself.

Click for April 22. 2020 article for other links and referenced IGNITE Ministry manuals referencing nephilic bloodlines.

LESSONS 1 & 2 are available on audio free here:

Go to 4/26/2020 and hour 1 and hour 2 are those two broadcasts back-to-back.  There are a lot of dead links where these broadcasts have been banned or the gremlins have gotten to them somehow...
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Free BONUS Lesson: Is Elon Musk Nephilic? Does He Have Angel Blood?