For the first episode of the Manifested Wellbeing Podcast I spoke to Dr. Eric Helms about intermittent fasting and protein intake. 

Eric is  Research Associate Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University. 

Eric has been a trainer and nutrition coach since the early 2000’s, working in the military, studio, gyms, medical and S&C sectors. Currently, he coaches a handful of drug free strength and physique athletes through 3D Muscle Journey LLC which he co-founded in 2009. Eric spends most of his time producing video and written content on nutrition, resistance training, and coaching psychology specifically for the drug-free lifting community.

He is the co-founder of and regular contributor to the Monthly Applications in Strength Sport research review and he is the author of the Muscle & Strength Nutrition and Training Pyramids books. Additionally, he is an active researcher in the areas of maximum strength development, fat loss, hypertrophy and competitive physique and strength sport.