So 67 is about as bad a release of Firefox as I have ever seen. It is buggy and frequently crashes. They have also added in new self-checking and auto-update methods that bypass my old bypasses. Oh and 4 updates which seem to have made stability worse.

So I'm currently testing a 68beta version of Coldfox. I have reworked the update bypass and am checking stability. Updates (to the browser) will be blocked completely. Leaving the option in is no longer viable with the changes they have made. Also Mozilla's claim that you could run different versions of 67 "side by side without interfering with each other" turned out to be a complete load. Disappointing.

Again 67 is garbage and I reiterate my recommendation to stick to Coldfox66 until further notice. Interesting side note, Mozilla is finally recommending you not use AdblockPlus due to stability issues.