Yesterday, while all eyes were on Washington, the center of conflict and open militarization, a "migrant" caravan 4500 strong broke through the Guatemalan border from Honduras.  Guatemala is the final buffer country in Central America; the next border is Mexico.  President AMLO of Mexico took strong action, sending 1,000 members of the militarized Guardia Nacional to his southern border, along with 500 migration agents and an unknown number of marines.  Journalist Oscar El Blue reported on this response with enthusiasm and pride (the FIRST time I have seen him approve of an action by AMLO - link below).  Oscar continued to report as the migrants broke through the border into Guatemala, then violently penetrated another checkpoint intended to stop them.  My EXCLUSIVE addition to this is that not less than 500 migrants DEBUSSED THE SAME DAY HERE IN MEXICO CITY - 900 MILES FURTHER and on the other side of the newly fortified Guatemala/Mexico border.  These migrants were mustered from their hiding places where various NGOs kept them concealed until the conflict in Washington reached the present boiling point.

Anarchist cells have also been released in Mexico City.  Last week there was a terrible fire in the central Metro subway terminal that shut down six of the 22 subterranean rail lines.  This terminal contained all the offices and control equipment for the system which transports 4 million people a day.  Buses were assembled to move some of those passengers, workers already damaged by months of pandemic.  Friday (January 15) another fire broke out in the Central de Camiones Metro Station, a critical link between the city rail system and the massive long-distance bus terminal.  These two suspicious fires occurred in the two most vulnerable, crucial points of the mass transit system, just as AMLO is forcefully resisting a new spike in illegal immigration. BREAKING: Hours ago, an EXPLOSION at the Cerro de la Estrella station closed down line number 8.  ADN40 news reported (now that sabotage is the obvious cause) that the explosion was caused by a thrown object.

AMLO had sharp words for Silicon Valley last week, stating that big tech is a threat to freedom and democracy everywhere.  Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg threatened to shut off all Mexican Facebook accounts if he did not retract.  AMLO stood his ground, and upped the ante by signing a new foreign agent registration act aimed at enemy agents undermining Mexican sovereignty.  Big tech, clergy, and many US LEOs are targeted by this Ley General de Seguridad de Mexico, as well as the NGOs facilitating "migrant" caravans.  More encouraging is the recent revelation that the Guardia Nacional was designed to destroy with lethal force these elements, many of which are tentacles of the subversive United Nations, and swamp creatures from the United States!

Mexico Metro Central Terminal Fire