Hey everyone, I got another strike on my YouTube account. They removed "Mostly Peaceful" for violating their graphic content rule. 

This means I'm suspended for a week so my new video is currently only available on Bitchute and Odysee. Make sure to follow me at one of those locations in case I get permanently banned from YouTube at some point. The video is called "No Evidence of Anti-Conservative Bias", find it  on bitchute and odysee: 

Also heads up we are doing an episode of Sex Wars on Saturday morning with Chris Dangerfield. This will be streamed on the backup youtube channel "I Hypocrite Too" as well as the other normal locations, Dlive, Trovo, Bitwave and Periscope. This will be at 9AM PST / Noon Eastern on Saturday. It's early in the day because Chris live in Cambodia like some kind of fugitive from civilization.