Happy New Year 2021!  Let's Make it a Great Year Everyone! 
Whatever happened in 2020? More deception and false division of the masses, unrest, uncertainty, propaganda, more censorship of facts and truths, taxation without Representation, and continued corruption in all the key areas, etc, etc, thus the overriding necessity to remove DJT. More of the same... zero virtue, promotion of Evil in every form and on every format, and “the End justifies ANY means” ethos as shown best by Barry Soe_toro. 
Moving on into 2021 and looking forward to an exciting and great year! Even though GTAO VLOGS had only a couple videos last year, we have viewers and supporters staying loyal and true to our channel and we are SUPER THANKFUL to all of you!! Today we shipped out our first shipment of the new year! Salted 1/4lb pay dirt bags, unsalted dry washing concentrates & bulk quantity raw pay dirts, and items from our Etsy shop going out to Patreon supporters and buyers from our website and Etsy shop, woohoo! 
Thanks everyone!! You help make our trips and future plans possible. We are wishing you and yours great health, more prosperity, and Liberty in the new year 2021 and beyond friends. Thanks again to our viewers, subscribers, and supporters! United We Stand. Happy Hunting and take care friends, Aaron Email anytime to ([email protected])