May 2019 Update 01 - Demo preview screenshots

So this is a public post for non patrons. For those undecided still. The demo is playable for patrons on our may 2019 post.

Keep in mind this a pre pre alpha build test so there will be bugs and issues, not the final game or close to it as we got a very long way to go. But this is just to let people try out our progress so far. We only had 2-3 weeks to put the map together and everything else, we have very limited budget and resources so keep that in mind while playing our demo. We would like to get more funding so we can hire better people for certain things such as sound fx, music and level designer or more people for the assets such as 3d models, programming, animation and other stuff. So if you want to help us let me know, IF you're looking for a paying job, well we'll short on funds right now but the moment we get money or funds, everyone will get paid.