One show you can enjoy during Vivid’s July Couchcon- watching VAULT contestants.

There’s a locked Vault at Anthrocon, filled with Vivid Publishing goodies for the readers who can open it.

But to receive parts of the code, Anthrocon attendees must complete certain… challenges. Once proof is posted online of their achievements, they unlock another clue to the code.

There will be at least seven challenges. But now for the fun part:

What are they?

Well what would you like to see, fellow internet?

Suggest life-altering hijinks for contestents to perform, live at Anthrocon.

It’s a group of determined people at the world’s second biggest furry convention. Let your imagination run wild- let’s make it fun for contestants, and fun for us, the studio audience.

Comment below with challenge brainstorms.

If we use your idea, I’ll mail you a copy of something from The Vault.

I’m looking forward to Couchcon.