3D Social Media Icons Series

One of my early projects in the ABW series was making 3D versions of social media icons. The intention was two-pronged: the first was to build a library of items I could tap into when I needed little bits to include in videos if the scenes needed something more than 2D objects; the other was to put in some practice and look at different ways to represent items and how to build them.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were first on the list. Some of them were pretty straight forward, requiring a simple translation from 2D to 3D. Others were an opportunity to find different ways of representing the same idea.

The Instagram icons were probably the trickiest ones as they were the first, meaning the well of tricks to draw upon was still empty. Because the icons were being turned into 3D I wanted to take it further than just build the 3D version, I wanted that version to also be readable from multiple angles and still be understood to be the same icon whenever possible. This, of course, wasn't the case for all of them, but that was taken to be an opportunity to explore other options.

I wanted to try different approaches with each platform. Instagram was very much a near-direct translation, Facebook looked more at finding alternative representation, and Twitter...well, that was another story behind the scenes..

Twitter Home Icon : The Cage

By the time I got to the Twitter icons, I was interested in trying something a bit more removed from the previous two. This took the form of using MECH/FY to create more sculptural pieces that were abstraction of the original icons. There were a few downsides to this approach unfortunately, namely memory. The crash was real and it lead to a reduction of the total number of the final set. The final result still came out as hoped.

I plan on making more sets and there have already been requests by viewers on my YouTube channel that I'm looking forward to exploring.

P.S. All of the icons shown in the video can be downloaded for free and used in your own projects. The links for the hosting folders can be reached using the QR codes embedded in the videos. Some clues have been given as to where in the video* if you're in a rush.

Links to watch the full videos for each set are below:
 Instagram: https://youtu.be/JWn1ciZZzcg
Facebook: https://youtu.be/U7STG4K04iU
Twitter: https://youtu.be/M5wfQu5lz5E

If there's any social media platform you'd be interested in seeing modeled next let me know.