The ChickeNeck project was inspired by the classic Mercedes advert ( that showcased the insane engineering of the delectable companions as well as the desire to step up my content and explore/include/learn rigging.

This was also round the time when I started introducing more structure to the how I delivered content, particularly the visual style. This takes the form of the new wireframe signature that started with the beetle mech project, as well as randomly-selected colour palettes that would help set the tone of the project.

Selected colour palette for ChickeNeck

Suffice it to say I may not have stretched enough before embarking on the reach that was the scope of this one - the rigging, for a beginner, was insane. I sought to combine two rigging systems to create what I think is how the neck of a chicken actually work (excluding the other drivers that complete the system).

Piston rig combined with a Universal Cardan Joints

Because I had little experience with rigging in general, I wasn't at the time able to overcome some of the conflicts that arose in the process of combining the two rigging setups. Funnily enough Level Pixel Level ( released a video soon after the release of this one that would have helped resolve issue completely - talk about jumping the gun 😅

This project, although not a complete success, showed me the results of being persistent with the unknown path relying mostly on the "vision" and it's helped fuel that curiosity which I think benefits the channel greatly.

You can watch the full video here: