Missile Bases Of The Rio Grande Valley (Part 1)

President Trump is reportedly commanding US forces from a hardened military facility in Texas, which may secede from the USA if war breaks out.  Four US states border Mexico, Texas is the only one of these not entirely leftist-controlled.  It will be hotly contested in the event of war, and advanced preparations have been made for defense (and by potential adversaries to overwhelm those defenses).  Texas is fragile, and Texas is in range.
Since Brexit, I consider Germany not a "potential" adversary but a "likely" enemy.  The German Luftwaffe has been present at Fort Bliss since the 1950s.  This critical air defense base outside El Paso is also the home of the US 1st Armored Division, "Old Ironsides". The First Armored has three fully deployable Brigades, each with logistical, support, and infantry elements to accompany their Abrams tanks.  Each brigade has lighter armored vehicles, artillery, and aviation units as well, including Apache tank-busting attack helos.  The First has toured every corner of the sandbox wars, then rotated back to Ft. Bliss.  It is an incredible fighting force that any attacker would need to neutralize early on.  Perhaps the Luftwaffe would simply turn out the lights!  Numerous reports detail planned draw-downs of the significant German presence at Ft. Bliss, yet the extent to which the Germans have actually vacated is unclear.  German gunners have made themselves at home in Texas, learning every aspect of Patriot Missile deployment.  German jets including the Eurofighter Typhoon (5th generation) have based out of Ft. Bliss and practiced live firing/bombing on the adjacent White Sands Missile Range.  They have maintenance facilities including ammunition & ordnance depots, and the German Air Force Command USA/Canada (Deutsches Luftwaffenkommando USA/Kanada) was (IS?) there.  Grandpa lost a lot of buddies in WWII aerial gunfights against this very adversary, and we have allowed them to set up shop on the vital Fort Bliss base with bunker after bunker of the most advanced weapons in the world!