Unexpected Challenge, Good Outlook

 We have encountered a bump in the road, and wanted to keep our readers and supporters in the loop about our plans to deal with it.


 In the last week David has experienced a sudden onset of medical issues, and we just received a preliminary diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.


 We are in the hands of excellent doctors, and due to catching the issue immediately, David’s outlook is very good. While MS is a serious condition, there is a robust array of treatment options that make it highly manageable.


 David has stepped down from his duties as Con Chair for Couchcon On Ice, but the best staffers on earth are taking on the mantle and doing excellent work.


 While he may need to delegate some management of Vivid Publishing, David plans to focus and continue work on the production of the Dreamkeepers saga, and we do not expect any delays to Volume 5 at this time.


 We will keep you in the loop if that changes: And we have developed contingency plans to keep the story thriving and moving ahead in case of any eventuality.


 The story we love will continue, and so will we. We are in good spirits, and hope to show just what the power of creativity and determination can accomplish for all of us.



Liz Lillie (with Dave delegating)