Cashless Payment Firms Blitz Into Latin America Under Cover Of Covid-19

Following a years-long groundswell to eliminate cash in the Latino world of small proprietors and open vegetable markets, big tech firms from around the world are making a united, final push to digitize all transactions.  For years before the pandemic, it was common to see twenty people in line at an ATM on the "quincena" or semi-monthly payday in Mexico.  The informal-economic-sector (cash economy) has long been a problem for globalist planners; the first step to topple it was the ATM queue.  Workers at medium- to large-sized and government employers were issued an ATM/debit card to receive their pay electronically--after taxes. Learning to make debit payments with the same card omitted the lengthy queue, and workers were gradually weaned off the tax-evading, free informal economy.  Internet sales such as "MercadoLibre" (ironically translated "Free Market"), all electronically paid and centrally tracked, have increased during recent years at well.  This also caused the growth of Amazon-esque private shipping companies to deliver purchases outside of Latin America's notoriously slow and unreliable "correos" (post offices).  Covid-19 shutdowns have caused economic crises much worse and starvation deaths far exceeding those from the disease itself, opening the door for big tech to finally extinguish informal cash economies.  Massive investment (see Reuters article below) from Chinese and US payment juggernauts has built a new economic structure poised for the final elimination of cash.  Buenos Aires has been touted as the new Silicon Valley and is now under totalitarian government in Perónist Argentina.  This nation has been China's main proxy and stalking-horse to implement this move amidst (and concealed by) brutal lockdowns.  Neighboring Uruguay is a major software exporter and has been pulled in to assist this "advancement" despite their new conservative president.  The infrastructure is now in place and populace conditioned to accept sweeping away not only physical cash, but the various pesos, coronas, and quetzales--the once-independent currencies of proud sovereign nations!