Right, so I promised some pictures of my vacuum-forming tests a few days ago, but that's not going to happen.  I haven't had time to run any of my own test pieces, and I've instead been running tests with forms that I made for a customer.  Since this is confidential work, I can't share it.  However, I'll probably get the lumber for my shooting gallery project today, so you'll get to see that instead.  I have altered the design a bit since originally posting this video, so what I'll actually be building is pictured below.  I have a blueprint as well with a bill of materials, so if anyone is interested in building something like this, the blueprint will be in a subscriber-exclusive post.  The drawing I'm using isn't fully annotated, since I have a lot of the information in my head.  If you need a better drawing, or you want a slightly different setup, I can provide you with a blueprint in exchange for a $20 tip.  Alternatively, you can subscribe at Tier 3, and get free blueprints for anything whenever you want.