Exclusive shirts and never-before-seen sketches are coming your way October 7th at 7EST, as we launch Volume 5 on IndieGoGo.
Join us as we go live, hosted by Cryptocomics at 6:30pm EST October 7th: https://twitter.com/CryptocomicsM
 The Cryptocomics team will be helping us stream EVERYTHING, including exclusive giveaways.   The 'FRONT LINE' shirt here will be available only during our launch stream.  
And during launch night, every step closer to our goal, we'll be updating the new Dreamkeepers Living Sketchbook with never-before-seen sketches and art.  
The Living Sketchbook will be available to peek in here:  https://cryptocomics.com/u/VividPublishing

And as we raise funds during the Launch Stream, new art will pop in before your very eyes.  
Plus catch a slate of guests- from comic industry veterans to some of the talented people working hard to create the special items in this campaign.
 So join us that night- let's see some new art, hit some goals, and get ready to share something special with the world. 
Volume 5, only on IndieGoGo- October 7th at 7pmEST!  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dreamkeepers-volume-5-assassin-s-flaw/coming_soon/x/12805942