3 April 2019: Most recent blog post on the new website... Cheers all!

Gold, Treasures, Adventures, & Outdoors Vlogs, GTAOVlogs.com, has practical destinations nearby and dream destinations for all kinds of treasure hunting afar! Being based in the Southwestern United States offers all kinds of various gold prospecting, metal detecting, meteorite hunting, gem and mineral hunting, relic and treasure hunting, and camping, off-roading, hunting, foraging, and fishing destinations and opportunities. We love them all and particularly being away from the cities and crowds, most of the time, wherever we are. A sense of wonder, adventure, and calm grows as you drive farther away form the cities and the cars, people, and hustle diminishes. We love that feeling of discovery and adventure and plan for many practical destinations nearby and, as we can arrange for plan and pay for, amazing destinations around the world. As it has been from the beginning, our goals and dreams must be paid for along the way. Toward this end and from the start, we have some products to sell, more in development, and a new store, we will probably continue to sell on Etsy (click Etsy link) and Ebay (click Ebay link), we will be offering our services, and we are grateful for the viewers, subscribers, supporters, and sponsors who have helped and continue to help in their own ways! We know that our content needs to remain unique and family friendly, we need to recruit more sponsors, we need to improve on our video editing skills, and we need to formulate and stick to a more regular schedule for our videos and shared digital content. So, we continue to learn, improve, continue, and grow. This blog entry begins a general category named “Destinations” where we will be detailing and documenting the various locations and trips, as often as we can, to share these adventures and links to more content about them. Thanks for finding us here, please subscribe to follow our posts, and add your feedback, requests, or questions in the comments area. We appreciate your support and involvement. Please share with your friends and let us know if you know possible sponsors for our channel? Stay well and happy hunting! Aaron – GTAOVlog.com https://gtaovlogs.com/category/destinations/