My fellow guitar/composers! I am setting up a call to guitar/composers to submit your work for consideration.
I host a daily live stream about composing for the classical guitar and would like to hear from you.
We offer variety of topics about composing and arranging for classical guitar. We mostly talk about modern music and its extended techniques.

Here are the strict guidelines for submission:
1. Short one page piece
2. Duration: 1~2 minutes long
3. Using Finale/Sebelius or any other notation software.
4. Most be written in current “modern” style. Not Jazzy or New age. Think Kate Soper or Rebecca Saunders’ “modern” ( Using extended techniques for guitar )
5. Can be written in Standard or non standard notion.
6. No Flamenco!
7. Must be a new work, not have been previously published.
8. Oh! Don’t forget…it must written for the classical guitar! Not Harmonica! ;)

Please submit your work to [email protected] And we will send a confirmation email.
Add me on Discord! Click here: