The Milwaukee Bucks STOPPED HERE! How success can be ruined when we focus on the wrong things.

I am a huge sports fan! For dozens of reasons I find sports a beautiful bite-sized example of life. I love the success stories of individuals who've had to overcome incredible odds. I love the competition of opposing powers. I love the fact that people succeed based on their hard work, and seizing rare opportunities as they come. I admire the reality that no one cares for excuses, or what you look like or where you're from; they just want to know if you have the skill and the guts to perform. I love to watch people and teams who are the best in the world at what they do and are able to perform under the highest level of pressure.

This is what baseball, basketball, soccer, football and the buffet of individual sports are all about. They possess individuals who are all walking success stories.

So when the Milwaukee Bucks chose to boycott an NBA playoff game by refusing to show up to play, they broke so many sports and cultural rules of success! They destroyed themselves from within. They invited distraction. They welcomed division. The killed their own momentum.

The Bucks chose to not work in order to defend a serial criminal offender and sexual predator named Jacob Blake. They actually refused to play! They implied that is was because of "police brutality" and systematic racism. Hogwash!

Both of these claims are wrong and misguided.

But the sports impact on them was like huffing poison gas while running a marathon.

Their team was on FIRE at the time they chose not to play. They had the number 1 seed in the NBA Playoff bubble. They had only lost 1 game up to that point in their playoff run. Their star player had just won defensive player of the year and was rumored to also win MVP.

They should have taken a note from baseball when someone or some group is on fire.

Don't. Change. Anything.

Not your hat, not your stance, not your bat, not your seat.... and don't even talk about it. Just stay locked in to the zone until the zone is over.

The Bucks instead CHOSE to be distracted by something that had nothing to do with them being able to perform their contracted jobs with maximum effort. They pretended that a criminal deviant in Kenosha, WI getting shot was so outrageous that it prevented them from putting a ball in a hoop at a private Disney resort.

This was a slap in the face to the millions of people in America who can't work because their jobs and businesses were destroyed due to the reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Bucks and the NBA slapped Americans in the face by claiming their country is such an awful place that it hunts down a certain ethnic group. Disgusting.

The Bucks declared their disgust for America and I am boldly declaring my disgust for their franchise.

I celebrated every single one of their losses like it was a little championship for us who still like this old girl called the United States of America.

I cackled out loud every time they caught L's (losses) from a much lower ranked team.

I reveled in them having their star player on the court for the first 3 games of the series and still they lost all three! Beautiful!

I once heard a saying- "I drink the tears of my enemy!" It's devastatingly cruel, personal, and absolutely perfect for how I'm feeling.

And now that they are finally eliminated from the playoffs after suffering a gentlemen's sweep (4-1 series), they have plenty of time to fight all of the injustice in America than they can find. The should all join the local police force, start charter schools and promote two-parent households. They certainly have the time now.

The media will lay cover for them because they see them as America-hating, Control-o-Crat allies. They will be hyped as if they won the Social Justice Championship of 2020. They won't suffer the scrutiny of their colossal failure that every other team would have to endure.

But I dance. I dance on their destroyed playoff hopes. I'm glad they lost. I'm glad got dominated. I'm glad they have to pack their bags, and duck their tall heads and they pass through the exit doorway.

The BUCKS stop here.... and I'm glad they did.