Reposting this most recent public build from Patreon.  I've decided to go ahead and make a SUBSCRIBESTAR account.  I'm not leaning toward reposting a bunch of old content from patreon, and instead will post new builds here (and on patreon, of course) moving forward.

I found a fairly big issue with Dialogue Options, in 0.525, so I'm releasing a smaller 0.526 build to address that and some other small bugs.  Not a whole lot of fanfare this time.  Future builds will be released four weeks later to the public as normal.

Human Princess is going well, and it's looking feasible for her rescue to be added back into the Unity version pretty soon.  We'll keep you* informed on how that goes.

Towergirls 0.526 - Download Here 
  • Dungeons can now change the lighting settings on initialization
  • Dungeon decor can randomly be set to actually be a hidden encounter that transitions to an enemy sprite based on proximity to Ser
  • When starting a new game there's no longer a brief moment where Ser's depth and constitutent sprites are borked
  • Quick Time Events should no longer occur against the Bonehead Looter in the tavern during the tutorial
  • Ser will return to the drunk stand/walk animation after finishing a battle in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with dialogue options not properly running conditionals and potentially appearing multiple times or gumming up dialogue as a result
  • Fixed the 'money' dialogue conditional- no longer always returns the player as having no gold or silver
  • Ser can no longer move around during cutscenes :|
  • Characters and enemies can now be hidden from the BBOS
  • Friendly knights, princesses, and folk will no longer appear under the enemies category in the BBOS
  • Fixed the display for enemies - bosses in the BBOS
  • Clicking the same main category in the BBOS will no longer clear all of the entries until leaving and returning to it
  • Abilities now appear in the BBOS and their number of uses are now tracked
  • Item and BBOS popups should now play and fade out even while the game is paused

* I am assuming you are a Subscribestar; your BEING INFORMED might be delayed otherwise