I announce a personal challenge. I want to translate a song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQNjXmAWjqc). It's rather higher than my actual skills, so it will be really hard, but I'm ready to spend as much time as it needs.

I've made a relevant goal at SubscribeStar, so now this translation is up to you. :-)

By reaching this goal I will make video with subtitles and write the text with some historical and lingual explainations. If you like it, I will do more.

Russian spaces:

  • preposition "OF". In russian, one noun dependence on another is indicated by russian cases. Here it's genitive. Announcement (of what?) tseli. Nominative case is "TSEL' ". Same thing with "PESNI". Translation (of what?) pesni. Nominative case is "PESNYA".
  • english article "A" in front of the noun. Russian language doesn't use articles.