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I learn english by translating russian content. Here you can learn russian.
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Hello, my name is Ivan. I live in Russia. London is the capital of Great Britain. The sun is shining. These are the words I've learned at school in Moscow. :-) Since that I've a little grown up and I learn english alone by translating a number of interesting russian things.

I runned this blog at March 2019 and this is one-year project. I need to upgrade my english skills and I will take stock at March 2020. That's my main personal challenge.

How it works?

First of all I translate russian proverbs and phrases. It's easiest kind of tasks for me, so they will be always free and public.

More extensive materials I will post here only for subscribers. You can also vote at my goals section, which one post I need to complete first. If you are star or have some social accounts, I can share your link in my "Thank you" section in the post.

Who knows, if we grow up a kind of community here, may be you will want to see only subscribtion content. In that case I will do public content as usuall, but here I will look after my subscribers needs first.

Why should you subscribe?

  1. If you learn russian I can be useful. Just say what you are interested in, and I will try to help you as much as I can.

  2. If you have some kind of business or social relations with russians, maybe I could get you useful advice at least.

  3. If you are interested in world history and russian segment particularly – please, let me know, and I'll try to find a number of materials which are not on the surface of the knowledge ocean. :-)

  4. If you are russian, well, let's practice together – that's my way to drink tea with jam! ;-)

I also have a Patreon account:

I also post public content to Instagram (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Telegram ( So enjoy!

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  • Translation of some specific proverbs in a separate post
  • Search russian analogs to the english proverbs or frases in a separate post
  • Answers to all questions about Russia in a separate posts :-)
As A Russian
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Falming heart of Danko (video)

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As A Russian
Public post

Full story of Danko's flaming heart. English + Russian text

So this is some kind of my homework which is focused on big number of grammar constructions.

I think this is a typical kind of content to Tier #2, but first time it's public.

This is not my translation (I wish I could so), but I adapted it for more readable and understandable format of learning both Russian and English.

This text contains all sentences of chapter #3 of Maxim Gorky's "Old Izergil", 1895, including missing sentences in video. As for me learning English a took whole text volume and I know how it sounds. In reverse if you learn Russian as my subscriber you can ask me for more deeper explanation of one sentence number including it's sound.

I chose older language story because of it's rich number of words and grammar constructions. Everyday language is much more simple.

Besides it is simply a beautiful story, so enjoy! :-)

1 Жили на земле в старину одни люди, непроходимые леса окружали с трех сторон таборы этих людей, а с четвертой — была степь. Long long ago there lived a tribe of people in a place that was bounded on three sides by impenetrable forests and on the fourth by the steppe.
2 Были это веселые, сильные и смелые люди. They were a strong brave and cheerful people.
3 И вот пришла однажды тяжелая пора: явились откуда-то иные племена и прогнали прежних в глубь леса. But evil times came upon them. Other tribes came warring against them and drove them into the depths of the forest.
4 Там были болота и тьма, потому что лес был старый, и так густо переплелись его ветви, что сквозь них не видать было неба, и лучи солнца едва могли пробить себе дорогу до болот сквозь густую листву. The forest was dark and swampy for it was very ancient, and the boughs of the trees were so closely interwoven, that they shot out the view of the sky, and the sun's rays did all they could to pierce the thick foliage and reach the waters of the swamp.
5 Но когда его лучи падали на воду болот, то подымался смрад, и от него люди гибли один за другим. And wherever they reached those waters poisonous vapors arose, and the people began to get sick and died.
6 Тогда стали плакать жены и дети этого племени, а отцы задумались и впали в тоску. Then the women and children of that tribe began to weep, and the men brooded on what had happened and grew despondent.
7 Нужно было уйти из этого леса, и для того были две дороги: одна — назад, — там были сильные и злые враги, другая — вперед, там стояли великаны-деревья, плотно обняв друг друга могучими ветвями, опустив узловатые корни глубоко в цепкий ил болота. They had to get out of the forest but there were only two ways: one was to go back over the road they'd come, but at the end of it strong and vicious foes awaited them; the other was to push forward through the forest, but there they did encounter the giant trees whose mighty branches were closely entwined and whose gnarled roots were sunk deep into the mire of the bog.
8 Эти каменные деревья стояли молча и неподвижно днем в сером сумраке и еще плотнее сдвигались вокруг людей по вечерам, когда загорались костры. These stone-like trees stood silent and motionless in the grey gloom of daylight, and they seemed to close in upon the people at nightfall when the fires were lit.
9 И всегда, днем и ночью, вокруг тех людей было кольцо крепкой тьмы, оно точно собиралось раздавить их, а они привыкли к степному простору. And always, day and night, this tribe, born to the freedom of the steppe, was walled in by shadows that seemed waiting to crush them.
10 А еще страшней было, когда ветер бил по вершинам деревьев и весь лес глухо гудел, точно грозил и пел похоронную песню тем людям. Most fearful of all was the wind that went wailing through the tops of the trees, causing the whole forest to sing a grim dirge to the people imprisoned there.
11 Это были все-таки сильные люди, и могли бы они пойти биться насмерть с теми, что однажды победили их, но они не могли умереть в боях, потому что у них были заветы, и коли б умерли они, то пропали б с ними из жизни и заветы. They were a brave people and they would have fought to the death with those who had once defeated them, had they not feared being wiped out in the fight, they had their forefathers behests to defend and if they perished, their behests would perish with them.
12 И потому они сидели и думали в длинные ночи, под глухой шум леса, в ядовитом смраде болота. So they sat pondering their fate through the long nights with the poisonous vapors rising around them and the forest singing it's mournful song.
13 Они сидели, а тени от костров прыгали вокруг них в безмолвной пляске, и всем казалось, что это не тени пляшут, а торжествуют злые духи леса и болота... And (as they sat there) the shadows of the fires leaped about them in a soundless dance and it seemed as if it weren't be the shadows dancing but the evil spirits of forest and bog celebrating their triumph.
14 Но ничто — ни работа, ни женщины не изнуряют тела и души людей так, как изнуряют тоскливые думы. And nothing, not even work or women, can exhaust a man as do despondent thoughts.
15 И ослабли люди от дум... The men grew weak from brooding.

18 Но тут явился Данко и спас всех один. But at this moment Danko appeared and saved them from such a fate.
19 Старуха, очевидно, часто рассказывала о горящем сердце Данко. The old woman, it seems, had often recounted this tale about the flaming heart of Danko.
20 Она говорила певуче, и голос ее, скрипучий и глухой, ясно рисовал предо мной шум леса, среди которого умирали от ядовитого дыхания болота несчастные, загнанные люди... As she intoned it in her hoarse crackling voice, I seemed to hear the sounds of the forest, in whose depths these unfortunate exiles were poisoned to death.
21 Данко — один из тех людей, молодой красавец. Danko was one of them and he was young and handsome.
22 Красивые — всегда смелы. Handsome people are always courageous.
23 И вот он говорит им, своим товарищам: And he said to his comrades:
24 — Не своротить камня с пути думою. — Stones are not to be removed by thinking.
25 — Кто ничего не делает, с тем ничего не станется. — He who does naught will come to naught.
26 — Что мы тратим силы на думу да тоску? — Why should we exhaust our energies thinking and brooding?
27 — Вставайте, пойдем в лес и пройдем его сквозь, ведь имеет же он конец — все на свете имеет конец! Идемте! Ну! Гей!.. — Arise, let us go through the forest until we come out at the other end, after all it must have an end — everything has an end! Come! Let us set forth!
28 Посмотрели на него и увидали, что он лучший из всех, потому что в очах его светилось много силы и живого огня. They looked at him and saw that he was the best man among them for his eyes were aglow with life and strength.
29 — Веди ты нас! — сказали они. — Lead us! — they said.
30 Тогда он повел..." And he led them.
31 Старуха помолчала и посмотрела в степь, где все густела тьма. The old woman stopped talking and gazed out over the steppe, which was growing darker and darker.
32 Искорки горящего сердца Данко вспыхивали где-то далеко и казались голубыми воздушными цветами, расцветая только на миг. Sparks from the flaming heart of Danko flared up in the distance like ethereal blue flowers that bloomed but for a moment.
33 Повел их Данко. Дружно все пошли за ним — верили в него. And so he led them Danko and they followed him willingly for they believed in him.

34 Трудный путь это был! It was a difficult track!
35 Темно было, и на каждом шагу болото разевало свою жадную гнилую пасть, глотая людей, и деревья заступали дорогу могучей стеной. It was dark and at every step the yawning bogs swallowed people up and the trees were like a mighty wall barring the way.
36 Переплелись их ветки между собой; как змеи, протянулись всюду корни, и каждый шаг много стоил пота и крови тем людям. Their branches were closely interwoven, their roots were like snakes reaching out in every direction, and every step these people took cost them blood and sweat.
37 Долго шли они... For a long time they went on...
38 Все гуще становился лес, все меньше было сил! And the further they went the thicker grew the forest and the weaker grew their limbs.
39 И вот стали роптать на Данко, говоря, что напрасно он, молодой и неопытный, повел их куда-то. And than they began to murmur against Danko saying that he was young and inexperienced and had no right to bring them here.
40 А он шел впереди их и был бодр и ясен. But he kept walking at the head, his spirit undaunted, his mind unclouded.
41 Но однажды гроза грянула над лесом, зашептали деревья глухо, грозно. But one day a storm broke over the forest and the trees whispered together menacingly and instantly.
42 И стало тогда в лесу так темно, точно в нем собрались сразу все ночи, сколько их было на свете с той поры, как он родился. It became as dark as if here were gathered all the nights that had passed since the forest was born.
43 Шли маленькие люди между больших деревьев и в грозном шуме молний, шли они, и, качаясь, великаны-деревья скрипели и гудели сердитые песни, а молнии, летая над вершинами леса, освещали его на минутку синим, холодным огнем и исчезали так же быстро, как являлись, пугая людей. And the little people walked on under the big trees amid the roar of the storm, and as they walked the giant trees creaked and sang a sinister song, and the lightning flashed above the treetops, throwing a cold blue light over the forest for a brief instant, disappearing as quickly as it had appeared and striking terror into the hearts of the people.
44 И деревья, освещенные холодным огнем молний, казались живыми, простирающими вокруг людей, уходивших из плена тьмы, корявые, длинные руки, сплетая их в густую сеть, пытаясь остановить людей. And in the cold flashes of the lightning the trees seemed to be live things that were stretching out long gnarled arms and weaving them into a net to catch these people who were trying to escape from darkness.
45 А из тьмы ветвей смотрело на идущих что-то страшное, темное и холодное. And something cold and dark and fearsome peered at them through the dark foliage.
46 Это был трудный путь, и люди, утомленные им, пали духом. It was a difficult track and the people who had set out on it grew exhausted and lost heart.
47 Но им стыдно было сознаться в бессилии, и вот они в злобе и гневе обрушились на Данко, человека, который шел впереди их. But they were ashamed to admit their weakness and so they poured out their anger and resentment on Danko who was walking at their head.
48 И стали они упрекать его в неумении управлять ими! They began to accuse him of being incapable of leading them!
49 (original #16) Страх родился среди них, сковал им крепкие руки, ужас родили женщины плачем над трупами умерших от смрада и над судьбой скованных страхом живых, — и трусливые слова стали слышны в лесу, сначала робкие и тихие, а потом все громче и громче... Fear was born in their hearts binding their strong arms, terror gripped them as they listen to the women wailing over the bodies of those who had died of the poisonous vapours all amending over the fate of the living made helpless by fear, and cowardly words came to be spoken in the forest, at first softly and timidly but louder and louder as time went on.
50 (original #17) Уже хотели идти к врагу и принести ему в дар волю свою, и никто уже, испуганный смертью, не боялся рабской жизни... And at last the people thought of going to the enemy and making him a gift of their freedom, so frightened were they by the thought of death, that not one of them shrank from living the life of a slave.
51 Остановились они и под торжествующий шум леса, среди дрожащей тьмы, усталые и злые, стали судить Данко. They came to a halt and tired and angry, the began to upbraid him there in the quivering darkness amid the triumphant roar of the storm.
52 — Ты, — сказали они, — ничтожный и вредный человек для нас! Ты повел нас и утомил, и за это ты погибнешь! — You are a despicable and evil creature who has brought us to grief! — they said — You have exhausted us by leading us here and for that you shall die!
53 Вы сказали: "Веди!" — и я повел! — крикнул Данко, становясь против них грудью.— Во мне есть мужество вести, вот потому я повел вас! А вы? Что сделали вы в помощь себе? Вы только шли и не умели сохранить силы на путь более долгий! Вы только шли, шли, как стадо овец! — You said "lead us" and I led you! — cried out Danko turning to face them — I have the courage to lead you and that is why I undertook to do so! But you? What have you done to help yourselves? You have done nothing but follow me without husbanding your strength for a longer march! You merely followed me like a flock of sheep!

54 Но эти слова разъярили их еще более. His words only infuriated them more.
55 — Ты умрешь! Ты умрешь! — ревели они. — You shall die! You shall die! — they shrieked.
56 А лес все гудел и гудел, вторя их крикам, и молнии разрывали тьму в клочья. The forest road and echoed their cries and the lightnings tore the darkness to shreds.
57 Данко смотрел на тех, ради которых он понес труд, и видел, что они — как звери. Danko gazed upon those for whose sake he had undertaken such great labor, and he saw that they were like wild beasts.
58 Много людей стояло вокруг него, но не было на лицах их благородства, и нельзя было ему ждать пощады от них. Many people were pressing about him, but he could detect no signs of humanity in their faces, and he knew he could expect no mercy from them.
59 Тогда и в его сердце вскипело негодование, но от жалости к людям оно погасло. Then resentment sieved in his breast but it was quelled by compassion.
60 Он любил людей и думал, что, может быть, без него они погибнут. He loved these people and he feared that without him they would perish.
61 И вот его сердце вспыхнуло огнем желания спасти их, вывести на легкий путь, и тогда в его очах засверкали лучи того могучего огня... And the flames of a great yearning to save them and lead them out onto an easy path leaped up in his heart, and these mighty flames were reflected in his eyes.
62 А они, увидав это, подумали, что он рассвирепел, отчего так ярко и разгорелись очи, и они насторожились, как волки, ожидая, что он будет бороться с ними, и стали плотнее окружать его, чтобы легче им было схватить и убить Данко. And seeing this the people thought he was enraged, they thought that was why his eyes flashed so, and they instantly grew wary like wolves expecting him to throw himself against them, and they drew closer about him that they might seize him and kill him.
63 А он уже понял их думу, оттого еще ярче загорелось в нем сердце, ибо эта их дума родила в нем тоску. He saw what they were thinking, the flames in his heart only flared up higher for their thoughts added the sorrow to the flames of his yearning.
64 А лес все пел свою мрачную песню, и гром гремел, и лил дождь... And the forest went on singing its mournful song and the thunder crashed and the rain poured down...
65 — Что сделаю я для людей?! — сильнее грома крикнул Данко. — What else can I do to save these people?! — cried out Danko above the thunder.
66 И вдруг он разорвал руками себе грудь и вырвал из нее свое сердце и высоко поднял его над головой. And suddenly he ripped open his breast and tore out his heart and held it high above his head.
67 Оно пылало так ярко, как солнце, и ярче солнца, и весь лес замолчал, освещенный этим факелом великой любви к людям, а тьма разлетелась от света его и там, глубоко в лесу, дрожащая, пала в гнилой зев болота. It shone like the Sun, even brighter then the Sun, and the raging forest was subdued and lighted up by this torch, the torch of a great love for the people, and the darkness retreated before it and plunged quivering into a yawning bog in the depth of the forest.
68 Люди же, изумленные, стали как камни. And in their astonishment the people whereas if turned to stone.
69 — Идем! — крикнул Данко и бросился вперед на свое место, высоко держа горящее сердце и освещая им путь людям. — Follow me! — cried Danko, and he rushed forward, holding his flaming heart high above his head to light the way.
70 Они бросились за ним, очарованные. And the people followed him as if under a spell.
71 Тогда лес снова зашумел, удивленно качая вершинами, но его шум был заглушен топотом бегущих людей. And once more the forest began to murmur and wave its tree-tops in wonder, but its murmur was drowned out by the sound of running feet.
72 Все бежали быстро и смело, увлекаемые чудесным зрелищем горящего сердца. The people were running ahead boldly and swiftly, lured on by the wonderful vision of the flaming heart.
73 И теперь гибли, но гибли без жалоб и слез. And even now there were those who perished, but they perished without tears and complaints.
74 А Данко все был впереди, и сердце его все пылало, пылало! And Danko went on ahead of them, his heart flaming brighter and brighter.

75 И вот вдруг лес расступился перед ним, расступился и остался сзади, плотный и немой, а Данко и все те люди сразу окунулись в море солнечного света и чистого воздуха, промытого дождем. And suddenly the forest in front of them parted; it parted to make way for them and then closed behind them, a mute and solid wall, and Danko and his followers plunged into a sea of sunlight and rain-washed air.
76 Гроза была — там, сзади них, над лесом, а тут сияло солнце, вздыхала степь, блестела трава в брильянтах дождя и золотом сверкала река... The storm was now behind them over the forest, while here the sun shone, the steppe throbbed with life, the grass was hung with diamond rain-drops and the river was streaked with gold.
77 Был вечер, и от лучей заката река казалась красной, как та кровь, что била горячей струей из разорванной груди Данко. It was evening, and the rays of the sunset painted the river as red as the blood which poured in a hot stream from the wound in Danko’s breast.
78 Кинул взор вперед себя на ширь степи гордый смельчак Данко, — кинул он радостный взор на свободную землю и засмеялся гордо. А потом упал и — умер. The brave Danko cast his eye over the endless step, cast a joyful eye over this land of freedom and gave a proud laugh and then he fell down and died.
79 Люди же, радостные и полные надежд, не заметили смерти его и не видали, что еще пылает рядом с трупом Данко его смелое сердце. And his followers were so full of joy and hope, that they did not notice he had died and that his brave heart was still flaming beside his dead body.
80 Только один осторожный человек заметил это и, боясь чего-то, наступил на гордое сердце ногой... But one timid creature noticed it and fearing he knew not what stamped on the flaming heart.
81 И вот оно, рассыпавшись в искры, угасло... And it sent up a shower of sparks and went out.
82 — Вот откуда они, голубые искры степи, что являются перед грозой! And that is why blue sparks are always to be seen in the steppe before a thunder-storm.
83 Теперь, когда старуха кончила свою красивую сказку, в степи стало страшно тихо, точно и она была поражена силой смельчака Данко, который сжег для людей свое сердце и умер, не прося у них ничего в награду себе. As the old woman finished her beautiful tale, the steppe grew incredibly still, as if overawed by the strength of the brave Danko, who set fire to his own heart for the sake of his fellow-men and died without seeking the least reward for what he had done.
84 Старуха дремала. The old woman dozed off.
85 Я смотрел на нее и думал: "Сколько еще сказок и воспоминаний осталось в ее памяти?" And as I looked at her I wondered how many more tales and memories her mind contained.
86 И думал о великом горящем сердце Данко и о человеческой фантазии, создавшей столько красивых и сильных легенд. "And I ruminated on the flaming heart of Danko and on the power of the human imagination, which has created so many beautiful and inspiring legends."
87 Дунул ветер и обнажил из-под лохмотьев сухую грудь старухи Изергиль, засыпавшей все крепче. The wind blew the rags off the bony chest of old Izergil, who had fallen fast asleep by this time.
88 Я прикрыл ее старое тело и сам лег на землю около нее. I covered up her old body and lay down on the ground beside her.
89 В степи было тихо и темно. It was dark and still in the steppe.
90 По небу все ползли тучи, медленно, скучно... Clouds floated slowly, wearil across the sky...
91 Море шумело глухо и печально. And the sea murmured softly, mournfully…

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Samarskaya Gazeta, 1895

This is my first subscribers-only post (2nd grade for only 3.99$). I've made a little investigation about who are the people at this picture.

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As A Russian
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In Russia drinking non-alcoholic beer is some kind of trade-off. Not seriously, but half-joking. Means giving up under the circumstances. Slippery slope that leads to life without normal drinks and relationships. This proverb can be used not only in talks about drinks, but also as a allegory for any another topics.

Russian spaces:

  • verb "to be". Used in archaic russian contructions, now it's only implied.
  • artice "THE" in front of the noun. Russian language doesn't use articles.
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As A Russian
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Closest english analog of this proverb is "You never know what you can do till you try". Meaning is exactly the same – don't be afraid, just do it!

Russian spaces:

  • verb "to be". Used in archaic russian contructions, now it's only implied.
  • artice "THE" in front of the noun. Russian language doesn't use articles.
  • word "JOB". It's impliped because in this context word "JOB" means russian word "DELO", and russian verb "DELAT' " (to do) became from it. So if you say "DELAT' DELO", it's some kind of tautology. However sometimes it is used in usual talks, but not in letter.

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Means that this person can't do anything right. He only can break something. Also word "RASTUT" can be muted without losing a sense. Ruki iz zhopi – everybody understand that they grow out.

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Now it's a COMBO! In fact it's a killer characteristic for employee – he both afraid and can't do anything. Don't be such kind of man. :-) In english I think it's better to use word "afraid" not as a verb, but as an adjective. In this way you can construct a steady phrase: "He has afraid eyes and hands from ass".

Know better translation or have english corrections? Please, write comment or send me message about it!

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I want to translate in english this russian song by Yuriy Shevchuk. It's about historical happenings in Moscow 1993, the culmination of the constitutional crisis in Russia. By reaching this goal I will make video with subtitles and write the text with some historical and lingual explainations. It's really hard challenge for me because of the very metaphorical style of this text, but your donations can handle this. :-)

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