New Videos, New Adventures, and Some Silver Bullion for Our Viewers! 
 What we are announcing here is our first GTAO VLOGS Silver Bullion giveaway and the rules are simple.  Whether on Steemit, Bitchute, YouTube, or all three (yes, all three is the BEST!) and or any other future video platforms, 1) Subscribe and 2) add a comment, question, suggestion, or feedback in the comment section. For the Subscriber part you will need to look at your settings to make your Subscriptions are visible.   And for the comment part, please make the comment, question, or suggestion about the content in that video.  For other general questions you are also welcomed to use the comment section or email me ( [email protected] ).  We will be giving away a total of five (5) ounces of 999 Silver Bullion rounds (Silver Buffaloes) to five separate winners for this giveaway!  These are new Buffalo Silver Rounds from well known mints.  Once we see that you are subscribed (“followed” on some sites) and we choose your comment we plan to announce all five winners in an upcoming video and probably with “Community Posts” as well. Thank you all and read all the details on our blog here: