Veiled call to drink alcohol. That case when it's kinda lie (about tea) but everybody understand it. So it's a joke.

Also word "RYUMOCHKA" has miniature ending like "...OCHKA" which adds some effect of playfulness. Normal word construction is "RYUMKA" which is also suitable for this phrase - "Vypit' po ryumke chaya".

Russian spaces:

  • particle "TO" of infinitve verb. Russian language doesn't use this kind of particles.
  • english article "A" in front of the noun. Russian language doesn't use articles.
  • preposition "OF". In russian, one noun dependence on another is indicated by russian cases. Here it's genitive. Shot (of what?) chaya. Nominative case is "CHAY".

English space:

  • preposition "PO". Also genitive case indicator. To drink (what?) shot. Second indicator is russian word ending "ryumochkE". Nominative case is "ryumochkA". Also "PO" shows the need for a company, because if it's about drinking alone, the phrase will be sound like "Vypit' ryumochkU chaya".

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