Brand new Scinter's Mark shirt |
Smuggle in style with a brand new Scinter’s Mark shirt by by our ex-military bud Darz.  But first-Wallscrolls Update:The Vivid Custom Wallscroll drive is going GRAND, except when it comes to a nice rack.Manufacturing is complete, and we’re unboxing individual units. Quality came out BETTER than the samples. I asked for upgrades, and I got them- the ink almost has a metallic shine on these beauties.
But one jiggly problem:The NSFW scrolls. Different suppliers have different policies, and one of them flipped between the time we ordered samples and now.
Three weeks of circular conversations on logistics finally revealed “we don’t do that anymore.” Which is fine, Vivid has Plan B and Plan C suppliers lined up. The NSFW scrolls have been ordered successfully, and are on the way to us now. But be advised, if your 60x90 centimeter custom full-color wallscroll is spicy, the wait will be a little longer. |

If you missed out on ordering your custom wallscroll, fear not! They’re coming back for Winter Couchcon.  Wallscroll artists, we’ll be delivering your share of the proceeds as soon as we get these puppies delivered.Bulletpoints of Things to Come:

Dreamkeepers Volume 5 Kickstarter launching October 7th.

Dreamkeepers video game test-module featuring traditionally-animated Mace.

Local reader ‘Beach Heads’ meetup Sept. 18-19 for literally just wanting to grill.

Winter Couchcon coming Dec. 4-6 and including an esports tournament hosted by The Six Four. Plus another online Dreamkeepers Skirmish tournament, where the crown is again up for grabs.

The 15th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest, prizes TBA.

Vivid books in the works (Some literally pages away from being done:) -False Start-Control Freak-Garage Band-Bethellium-Vampire Holidays-UberQuest-Ring of Vengeance-Dreamkeepers Prelude Collection 2 And more authors joining the Vivid Coalition that are still TBA.
Read what you want. Think what you want. Cut free, and be Vivid. And watch out if you see any guys wearing this.