Hello and welcome to the SubscribeStar page for The Navarro Knight, created by Cyberspine Publishing.

What is Cyberspine?

We are an independent tabletop game company located in San Antonio, TX.

We were founded upon noticing a disturbing trend regarding game companies to promote political policies rather than create entertainment for their audiences.

As such we make this promise and acknowledgement to you:

We exist at your pleasure. We exist to create entertainment for you. Every product we make will earn your approval, and, if it does not, we will hone and refine it until it does.

What is TNK?

The Navarro Knight, referred to as TNK, is a roguelike tabletop RPG. Set in our immediate future, the world has suffered from an event known as 'The Collapse' that has damaged the basic rules that govern our reality, such as time and gravity.

Combined with the removal of governmental structures and mass disappearance of the population, mankind stalks through urban and rural environments in order to live day-to-day. Their scavenging through these locations is a haunted task, often breaching the barriers of familiar sites such as football stadiums for supplies only to be greeted by stands filled with clothing scattered as though their wearer simply evaporated.

This setting is paired with a modular rule system as well as constant core mechanics to ensure that players are able to enjoy the type of community story that they want to experience.

Why SubscribeStar? Why not IndieGoGo or Kickstarter?

First and foremost, we intend to release the player's handbook and, eventually, the gm's guide for free in a digital format. These other sites are often for physical items to be given as a benefit with a product or sold on their own.

We may work with IndieGoGo in the future if there is demand for physical copies of our RPG, but that is not our primary goal.

Our goal is to make something new.

Using old mistakes as lessons to learn from, our goal as a company is to create new games that challenge the current environment in tabletop shops. Specifically, we aim to challenge the new, judgmental environment that has previously led to the closure of comic book shops and false controversy.

Cyberspine will accomplish this by holding ourselves to the highest standards in creating quality products and material for our audience.