"A Hill Worth Dying On"

By Brenden Dilley

God Bless All of You

Words really can't describe what it means to have people rally around your business or cause, the way The Dilley 300 did for me last week. Most days I try to downplay the significance of what I do or the impact it has because it helps keep me from getting overwhelmed and it keeps me grounded.

I maintain a perpetual mindset of being an underdog because that's what works for me... and given the sheer size of the tech giants I'm battling with, it's absolutely a true statement.

What I never could of anticipated was how you all would rally around the show, our sponsors and my family. I have never in my life received so many heart felt emails, DMs and other forms of encouragement (my cockles are extra toasty).

I think in most any other era of American entrepreneurship, as long as you abide by the law, consistently produce value and keep the customer in mind during every step of commerce, you inevitably succeed. This is something I've tried to do in my business... running it "old school" so to speak.

However, at this juncture in American history that is no longer the case. There is an outside influence that works day and night to usurp, undermine, destroy, bankrupt and end the American entrepreneur. That outside influence isn't just Silicon valley, China, Jihadis, shitlibs or snowflakes. There is but a single name they ALL go by... Communists.

We are battling communism on every front in American culture. I personally am in a knockdown drag out fight against communism. My fans didn't cancel me. The sponsors didn't cancel me. The collective audience didn't cancel me. Law enforcement didn't cancel me. No...Communism is canceling me.

This is the antithesis of what it means to be an American. This is the total and complete opposite of how capitalism is supposed to operate. This is in fact a hill worth dying on. I will not lose to communism. I will not allow communism to bankrupt me. I will not allow communism to alter my speech, change my delivery, format, content or political beliefs. Fighting communism is a hill worth dying on, for all of us.

I will never stop doing the show, so long as I can financially continue to do it. The sponsors both corporate and individual (all of you) allow me to continue fighting these communist invaders. For that, I am forever in your debt.

God bless you. God bless America...and God bless President Donald J. Trump.

I will see all of you Monday-Friday at 12 pm Eastern time
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- Brenden Dilley