what i want to add in 9 WORLDS v0.4

more content and gods firstly. several of the deity designs i plan on doing are far more complex then previous designs you've seen so far. i'm upgrading how i build character models here, and they're slowly getting more complex then the first versions. the more major a figure is, the more effort and visual flair its fair to give them in return. this means the larger a deity is, the longer it takes to transfer their design from paper into the simulation.

some of the content i'll be adding, is stuff from studying the eddas for things most sources might miss.

i'll adding enough deities to asgard that it's getting "officially open".

minor work on the bifrost network. i've got something big in my backpocket for its actual travel method, but it might take some time to adapt into the system. the goal of the system is to be faster at direct travel then either walking and/or flying, after all.

controller support would be pretty nice, i think, let me see what i can do about that.

the chessboard might actually work this version too, but i'll tell you right now that i have to rip out and rewire the boards entire coordinate system to do it.

jotunheim will probably be added, if only the land as of yet. adding in all the stories that take place there will obviously take another step of work.