Everyday Life is a game where you play as Adam, a retired adventurer, he settles down in the city of Edengrall to enjoy a peaceful life.


The game is being made on Unity by my brother and I, we plan to leave Early Access once we have all of the following features:

*Farming: over 100 plants planned, from herbs to crops to fruit trees

*Cooking: the deepest cooking system you ever seen

*Fishing: if you ever played Breath of Fire games you might have an idea of what this will be

*Faerie Village: village management, faeries will become helpers if you treat them well

*Critter Catching: catch insects and other small animals to use as living decorations or bait

*Animals: from livestock to pets

*Immersive AI: villagers will not follow a rigid schedule, they will instead have a list of tasks with different priorities that change based on events, environment or player action.