Adding on another major project; the first book of this one is available on Amazon right now, but I would very much like to publish book 2 and 3 as well.

Like most science fiction, Legacy is centered on science, technology, and the glories or horrors of the future.  What happens when the level of human power begins flirting with the infinite?  —where, by today’s standards, individuals have access to technologies that any reasonable person would think could ensure happiness? 

Yet what are the consequences?

When people have a virtually infinite amount of energy and matter at their fingertips, no one goes hungry, certainly, but what about the downsides?  Legacy is a universe where technology offers infinite possibilities.

But not all those possibilities are good. 

What happens when everyone has all of their physical needs met immediately.  What are the spanning sociological ramifications of mass instant gratification?  What happens to social interaction when everyone has the ability to simulate their own personal paradise?  What happens when those people, self-isolated and alone, fall victim to those who prey on their predictability?What of a race that can literally create new worlds to dwell upon?  —one than can dismantle black holes and dismantle galaxies?  What happens when that type of technology is turned to war?

500 years after the Great Exodus, tucked away in an obscure galaxy where mankind can mend itself in peace, JP Sol Starwind and Danther Minth run from an outstanding  gambling debt.  But debt is a wolfhound and its owner, Khal Dowin, is a hunter. And, after seven years of running, they have finally been found… or have they?

What if Khal knew exactly where they were the entire time?  

What is the millions of credits Danther owes is simply a means to acquiring something more valuable?  

And what if this insignificant spark of everyday human conflict happens to burn near a powder keg… an errant coincidence that happens to attract the wrong monster.

All the seas churn when the leviathan dances.