I am an open source software developer starting an international non-profit focused on providing solutions for the challenges facing humanity on the horizon.  Depending on the level of funding we raise, goals range from:

-Providing paralyzed individuals free open source bionic technology both physically and to other biomedical companies who are centered around the patient care, rather than profit (this will be extremely expensive, and only possible with large amounts of support and collaboration from a community which we will connect)

-Creating (writing open source code and designing open source hardware schematics/blueprints/CAD drawing etc) and maintaining medical robotics solutions that will be very inexpensive to buy (hence why we're a nonprofit), but which will allow for universal healthcare provided by non-profits rather than by a state that will see it's own currency rapidly devalued by rampant inflation in the coming years as a result of forced business closures in 2020.  The idea is to make robotics affordable for the average doctor or hospital, to the point where they barely have to charge patients and we can cover the difference for the practice

-Collaborating with other companies to create and maintain fully open source telecom solutions (this is the one I am already working on currently; our organization can achieve the goal without substantial help or funding)

-Creating and distributing open source hardware and software for farming and personal gardening (the open source organic farming robots and gear I've been talking about for years in my podcasts, we're going to make that happen).  
The idea behind this one is that as robotics takes over, we can use this to our advantage by increasingly farming our own food locally.  Our technology will enable this to happen at a greater scale to offset starvation that will be caused by mass food shortages as our fiat currency system implodes from rampant out of control inflation (which was essentially caused by central banking along with the forced business closure that accompanied 2020 "pandemic")

-Creating and maintaining ethical AI solutions to help humans stay competitive in a job market that will increasingly be dominated by AI
-General solutions for other areas where humans are in need
-Maintaining liberty for people in a world that will likely skew more and more against the average citizen as the wealth gap grows exponentially
-More to come

Credentials include:
-I've published multiple apps, one that was originally a peer to peer torrent based client application
-I am a professional software developer
-I have been coding for about 6 years total, but that's writing code both in my day job and out
I essentially wrote almost every line of code in this repository, although some of it was ported slightly from other open source projects:

Above app is what I can do for free in my spare time in about 2 years; although I also do liberty oriented podcasts and write/produce/publish my own music as-well.  I can do far more than that if I am not doing other things.  It's just a sample of my free work.  $300k (2 x $150,000(senior android programmer & project manager)) dollar value for free in there.

I can do way better than that if I have some support.

Other credentials include:
-I have had enough spiritual experiences in my life to realize that our existence can be a reflection of the infinite love and cosmic energy behind the universe; hence, I won't sell out my subscribers and donors
-I've been an IT professional for over 16 years
-I understand electronics enough to know what needs to happen from the low level hardware implementation, all the way up to high level extremely specialized libraries for more efficiently utilizing technologies that already exist.  I built my first computer when I was ~12 years old  
-I am passionate about robotics and humanity
-I am a CAD designer (AutoCAD + 3D Studio Max + Milkshape 3d and others), so I know how to build parts from the ground up, and can essentially audit this work if need be
-I have already published a ton of my work for free online, so I've essentially already 'paid it forward,' if you will