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This is a symbolic gesture of support. It is better than nothing, but won't get us very far towards our goals in open source medical or farming technology. It'll work for staying the course on pure open source telecom software, but not hardware.

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Open Source Telecom Software Upgrade

This tier will get us pretty far if the non-profit grows quickly. At this level of support you can expect not only maintenance of existing open source telecom, but also additional upgrades and enhancements. However, if this is the highest level of support achieved, then our upgrades would be limited to only software.

This tier would also eventually (probably) support occasional in-person tech conferences and hackathons.

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Open Source Telecom Software Upgrade++

10$ is a significant contribution, and at this level of support you can expect not only maintenance of existing open source telecom, but also additional upgrades and enhancements. If this is the highest level of significant support achieved, you can expect frequent enhancements and upgrades, but still only to software.

However, depending on the number of consistent donors at this level, we could likely dip our toes into open source hardware collaborations; nevertheless, we would be unlikely to achieve the necessary level of support for anything involving the medical or farming robots.

This tier is also the cutoff where donor's enhancement requests will be prioritized and bumped up, provided they coincide with our core values, and are achievable relative to our liquidity and commitments.

This tier would also eventually (probably) support occasional in-person tech conferences and hackathons.

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Open Source General

For $15 you can expect more frequent collaborations and more general software projects, branching out of pure telecom into other areas within our budget. Everything in lower tiers still applies, but I'd expect this to be the level that we can start branching out into multiple classes of software.

At this level, donors can begin suggesting specific new project starts, but we still have to act responsibly to maintain existing commitments, so there would likely not be many options, unless a lot of engineers join the project to work in free time (understand though, that expecting engineers to work for free is going to result in a lower quality of work that may incur excessive maintenance costs, and potentially become a liability down the line, so we prefer to pay our engineers and general contributors on active & supported projects).

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Open Source Organic Farming Robots

If we gain a significant number of donors at this tier, it will be well within reach to begin projects involving open source robotic software and potentially even simple hardware configurations, likely not resulting in complete robots, but isolated systems that could be adapted to different applications.

An example of this would be a system that scans the surrounding area and detects when plants need to be watered, but it'd be unlikely that we could package a complete hardware solution without a significant number of donors. I'm sure something like this already exists, but we'd be offering all of the schematics and code in the open source repository. We would attempt to find an existing open source solution, and could then fork + improve existing code, while potentially collaborating with the project owners.

This level of contribution is extremely significant, and donors would be able to request their contribution go to a specific project (as long as it coincides with our core values) and that project only. Limitations would still exist for liquidity and existing commitments, but requests would be honored or a refund offered to the donor if no existing project suits their desires.

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Altek Alliance
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I am an open source software developer starting an international non-profit focused on providing solutions for the challenges facing humanity on the horizon.  Depending on the level of funding we raise, goals range from:

-Providing paralyzed individuals free open source bionic technology both physically and to other biomedical companies who are centered around the patient care, rather than profit (this will be extremely expensive, and only possible with large amounts of support and collaboration from a community which we will connect)

-Creating (writing open source code and designing open source hardware schematics/blueprints/CAD drawing etc) and maintaining medical robotics solutions that will be very inexpensive to buy (hence why we're a nonprofit), but which will allow for universal healthcare provided by non-profits rather than by a state that will see it's own currency rapidly devalued by rampant inflation in the coming years as a result of forced business closures in 2020.  The idea is to make robotics affordable for the average doctor or hospital, to the point where they barely have to charge patients and we can cover the difference for the practice

-Collaborating with other companies to create and maintain fully open source telecom solutions (this is the one I am already working on currently; our organization can achieve the goal without substantial help or funding)

-Creating and distributing open source hardware and software for farming and personal gardening (the open source organic farming robots and gear I've been talking about for years in my podcasts, we're going to make that happen).  
The idea behind this one is that as robotics takes over, we can use this to our advantage by increasingly farming our own food locally.  Our technology will enable this to happen at a greater scale to offset starvation that will be caused by mass food shortages as our fiat currency system implodes from rampant out of control inflation (which was essentially caused by central banking along with the forced business closure that accompanied 2020 "pandemic")

-Creating and maintaining ethical AI solutions to help humans stay competitive in a job market that will increasingly be dominated by AI
-General solutions for other areas where humans are in need
-Maintaining liberty for people in a world that will likely skew more and more against the average citizen as the wealth gap grows exponentially
-More to come

Credentials include:
-I've published multiple apps, one that was originally a peer to peer torrent based client application
-I am a professional software developer
-I have been coding for about 6 years total, but that's writing code both in my day job and out
I essentially wrote almost every line of code in this repository, although some of it was ported slightly from other open source projects:

Above app is what I can do for free in my spare time in about 2 years; although I also do liberty oriented podcasts and write/produce/publish my own music as-well.  I can do far more than that if I am not doing other things.  It's just a sample of my free work.  $300k (2 x $150,000(senior android programmer & project manager)) dollar value for free in there.

I can do way better than that if I have some support.

Other credentials include:
-I have had enough spiritual experiences in my life to realize that our existence can be a reflection of the infinite love and cosmic energy behind the universe; hence, I won't sell out my subscribers and donors
-I've been an IT professional for over 16 years
-I understand electronics enough to know what needs to happen from the low level hardware implementation, all the way up to high level extremely specialized libraries for more efficiently utilizing technologies that already exist.  I built my first computer when I was ~12 years old  
-I am passionate about robotics and humanity
-I am a CAD designer (AutoCAD + 3D Studio Max + Milkshape 3d and others), so I know how to build parts from the ground up, and can essentially audit this work if need be
-I have already published a ton of my work for free online, so I've essentially already 'paid it forward,' if you will

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This goal would fund development as follows: ~8 full-time engineers @ ~$100k-150k per year { ~4 software engineers, ~4 hardware engineers } (give or take) ~1 lawyer @ 100k per year to handle red tape, licensing setbacks, legal issues etc, we might be able to also crowd source some of that from open source law contributors, but advice would need to be verified by an internal lawyer ~2 quality assurance agents @ ~57k per year (these wouldn't be initially necessary), but would be responsible for thoroughly testing the products as internal employees of the nonprofit ~1 full-time field specific highly referenced & licensed medical expert -Support staff to respond to emails, eventually this could be highly automated by our own tech, and monitored by a single human 1@~65k (for starters) -Medical manufacturers insurance, or something like that? (this is why the cost is so high; I've heard it is extremely expensive) -A large stopgap of liquidity for emergencies where new developers/engineers/experts need to be brought onboard, and/or where issues need to be resolved quickly, possibly requiring help from a paid third party. -Legal fees for testing, licensing, etc.. we will be open source but the finalized products will need to be tested and certified for safety, probably by both our nonprofit and another third party testing organization (peer review) -Recycling old parts, this is critical: the parts need to be recycled constantly and reused as much as possible; otherwise, the benefits from robotics will be offset by enormous amounts of pollution. We wouldn't be doing this ourselves without significantly more funding, but we could provide detailed instructions for others. We could probably get involved in the physical process wherever instruction was needed. I'll have to do the more specific calculations later, but this was a rough estimate. You can contact me for more specifics, inquires, concerns, complaints, or if I missed something. I didn't want to throw this figure out there without having a bit of an explanation where I got it from. Frankly, I think this is on the low side of an estimate, but it'd certainly be enough to get started collaborating with other companies on needed part designs, code, plans, electrical schematics, whatever stopgaps they need for their bionic projects. We would have to be very careful with chosen partners, requiring agreements beforehand not to use the parts in a manner inconsistent with our mission statement, and requiring agreements that if ownership changes, rights are forfeited to use any designs we've developed. However, with reliable partners, we could affect a lot more people. Even if we don't start out with full bionic limb assemblies, with this amount of funding we could likely produce more affordable parts for existing applications or do improvements to other systems where necessary. Here again, we would only partner with companies who put people before profits, and whose main purpose is to provide robotics to those in need. For this price we would only be creating code, blueprints, schematics, and plans/instructions for manufacturers and other organizations to use at their own discretion; I imagine this reduces the cost of production and liability tremendously, since assembly would be conducted by a third party. It's a very lofty goal, and going this route is certainly open for abuse; but if implemented as I've laid out in my mission statement, and with positive goals for humanity at the forefront, the potential for helping people is practically unlimited. This is going to happen whether we do it or not; with anything opensource there is at least transparency, and the ability to audit/adapt/enhance the systems with independent scrutiny.

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