Quick rundown for anyone that may have noticed our DM / inbox reply time is a bit long right now.     
We are hopping!  Most Couchcon art is done, and we're tackling the last big commission pieces now.  Sharpie doodles are next on the list, and then we'll be ready to mail all of it out.
E-mails are backed up, so I need to jump in and be sure I'm up to date on any customer service requests, and then we can start manufacturing wallscrolls while I mail other Couchcon merch purchases.  
Meanwhile, we're aiming to maintain our comic output, and stay on track for the big Volume 5 fall Kickstarter. (Hardcovers and V1-4 omnibus, oh my.)  Plus new Prelude comin' up this week.   
We had two things slow us down a bit- Couchcon was one, and the other was video game animation.
But thanks to the animation push last month, we should have something fun in store for you later this summer.   E )
Also, the online Skirmish tournament was a big success!  More of those in the works, we may aim for official tournaments quarterly.  
Thank you to everyone keeping the lights on- we're having a blast making all this, and looking forward to bringing you more.