Iranian General Admits To Sabotage Of USS Bonhomme Richard, Seven Iranian Ships Catch Fire In Port

For three days this mighty amphibious assault ship has been burning in San Diego Harbor.  On the other side of the world, seven Iranian ships also caught fire in port today after General Qaani (the replacement for eliminated Soleimani) seemed to take credit for the USS Bonhomme Richard fire. Hal Turner wrote: 

"Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Quds Force Commander, Major General Qaani, seems to be taking credit for the explosion and fire aboard a docked US Navy ship in San Diego, CA.
This afternoon, the Major General said publicly the Explosion and Fire aboard the docked US Navy Amphibious Assault Ship, USS Bonhomme Richard, "was carried out by an American "insider group" in response to US regime's crimes."
Insider group? 
. . . .  does he mean "Sleeper Cell?"" (Article link below)

USS Bonhomme Richard, far from being a random supply vessel, is a forerunner of a new class light aircraft carriers built or modified to carry the now-operational short takeoffs and vertical landings (STOVL) F-35B stealth attack jet. 
2012 was a key year in the naval buildup.  China finally finished the retrofit of its Soviet-built carrier hull into the Liaoning carrier and launched her for sea trials.  Rival Japan commissioned two mighty Izumo-class flat-topped "helicopter carrying destroyers".  China immediately objected, saying that the ships could be later modified to carry STOVL fixed-wing attack jets, an unacceptable (and unconstitutional) growth of Japan's naval attack potential.  Japan vehemently denied it at the time...
During the following Obama years there was belligerence also in the Atlantic.  Argentina was under the rule of leftist President Cristina Fernandez (who is back in power as vice-president today) and there was open talk of retaking the strategic Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.  400 miles from Argentine soil, the Falklands (called Las Islas Malvinas by the Argentines) are in range of land-based airstrikes.  Great Britain would have to project air power from 8,000 miles away to defend her possession, with the added handicap of being temporarily without an aircraft carrier...
(Yes, the GospelGunslingers did sleep fitfully those years, praying "God please help solve the F-35 boondoggle and get the HMS Queen Elizabeth in the water before communist Argentina makes good on this threat.") 
Wiser observers doubted whether the F-35 would ever fly, or would be tossed in the scrap heap with the electric railgun of the Zumwalt-class.  The project had been bled for years and countless billions, this while the Chinese were building ships furiously.  Partner nations were building ships to carry the F-35B, the more complicated jump-jet variant, and even the land-launched F-35A failed test after test.  God answered our prayers and Trump waded into the swamp.  Now the F-35 is flying and battle-tested in both the A and B variants, and is being delivered to the export market.  On September 25th 2018, two US test pilots landed on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth off the New Jersey coast.  They then made the first seaborne takeoffs from her ski-jump flight deck.  This gallant ship is in port preparing for her first deployment and still has not completed the handoff from United States Marine Corps pilots.  The concept is proven though, thanks to the USS Bonhomme Richard and her seven sister ships of the Wasp-class.  In addition to launching and recovering the F-35B, Wasp-class ships carry up to 1,894 Marines, nearly a full-strength Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).  They also have a feature that even US supercarriers lack:  the ability to drop the tailgate and deploy or recover landing craft for beach invasions, including the 182-ton LCAC assault hovercraft.
Trump removed all doubt as to allied intentions in 2018 when, "Together with his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump toured Japan’s largest warship on May 28 to demonstrate the strength of the U.S.-Japan alliance and to “send a message to China,” according to a Japanese government source. Trump and Abe were accompanied by their wives during the inspection....Trump in his speech, also referenced the conversion of the Izumo-class into full-fledged aircraft carriers capable of launching the F-35B, the vertical or short takeoffs and vertical landings (STOVL) variant of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as well as Japan’s decision to procure an extra 105 F-35s from the United States.
“Soon this very ship will be upgraded to carry this cutting-edge aircraft," Trump said. “With this extraordinary new equipment, the Kaga will help our nations defend against a range of complex threats in the region and far beyond.”" -Diplomat (Article link below)
Japan's more aggressive stance is likely due to the "new imperial era “Reiwa” following Emperor Naruhito’s ascension to the throne on May 1 [2018]."
In these first two weeks of July 2020, two important strides have occurred: 1. On July 2nd, Japan began the deck reinforcement & heat shielding retrofit of the Izumo-class to carry the F-35B. (Link below)  2.  On July 9, the US State Department cleared the sale to Japan of 105 F-35 Lightning II fighters (both A & B variants) in a $23 billion deal. 
Three days later, USS Bonhomme Richard mysteriously caught fire.  No weapons were on board; the fire suppression system had been turned off for maintenance.  The fire occurred on some Achilles' heel of the vessel, some insanely flammable and unreachable spot known only to the saboteur.  This mighty ship would not be carrying F-35s into the Pacific or The Persian Gulf.  Today, seven Iranian vessels very similarly caught fire in port.  Broadcasting live tonight on shortwave to over seventy nations, Hal Turner asked "Are we already at war?"
Nearly four months ago, allied conservative President Bukele of El Salvador gave a prescient answer,
"Some people might not have realized that World War III has already begun."