Mexico On Brink Of Civil War As AMLO Goes To Washington

“It’s a REBELLION” claimed political scientist Eduardo Huchim to BBC World.

Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, the allegedly US-born governor of Mexico’s Tamaulipas border state, has been identified before as the leader of an insidious revolt against President Lopez Obrador (AMLO).  That revolt is now open.  A known associate of the Bush crime family and rumored to be the leader of the Gulf Cartel, Cabeza de Vaca had been jet-setting around Mexico during the quarantine to encourage the growing number of confederate governors before his July 2 announcement that he has tested positive for COVID-19 (an implausible assertion, extremely convenient for PR).  

AMLO is often compared to Donald Trump for his rejection of traditional solutions; both see that government has itself been a den of thieves and a contributor to the very delinquency it purports to remedy.  AMLO has been criticized for his soft stance against criminal syndicates and initial refusal to use military force against them (a tactic which has been employed brutally and ineffectively by his predecessors).  Convicted gangster “La Barbie”, rumored to be the right hand of former President Felipe Calderon, recently stated in US court that Mexico’s “war on drugs was really a war FOR drugs.”  Governments on both sides of the Rio Grande have fueled the drug trade while claiming to fight it, greatly increasing the strength and militarization of their police forces to combat the very evil they themselves have encouraged.  As governor-elect, Cabeza de Vaca travelled to Austin to meet with Texas land commissioner and Bush family CIA-scion George P. Bush.  The purpose of the trip was to ask for money from the Merida Initiative to militarize his state police force.  AMLO had proposed cancelling the Merida Initiative, seeing it as hopelessly corrupt neoliberalism (a catch-all Latin American term for Yankee imperialism).  The Governor appears to have gotten his CIA money and, showing off all his new guns, armored vehicles, and even aircraft in November to BBC journalist Simon Reeve (link below).

Before the quarantine, Cabeza de Vaca’s proposition was to fight the drug cartels more openly and militarily.  Once the COVID-19 crisis became the hot issue, the criticism of AMLO shifted to his slack handling of that matter.  The accusations that AMLO’s response was too slow and funding inadequate strangely echo the stance of Democratic governors in the United States.  What really gives strength to the rebellion is the unification of diverse factions and their varied disagreements with the central government.  The FRENA movement against AMLO is quietly backed by Cabeza de Vaca’s PAN political party.  FRENA has mobilized significant protests in numerous cities against AMLO, even at the height of the quarantine, and has unified many streams of discontent from outside this historically weaker party.  

Anti-US sentiment is also a factor in the borderlands, and the Mormon LeBaron family (famous as victims of the November 3 massacre) is again in the spotlight.  The massacre was largely reported as a random incident in the lands of cartel violence, but it was not the cartels who barricaded the LeBaron compound shut this 4th of July weekend.  The “Barzón” group of “indigenous peasants” demonstrated outside the LeBaron compound over water rights, and brought heavy equipment to dig a vehicle barrier across the only access road.  They left “in fear for their lives”, as it is known that the LeBaron dual US/Mexican citizens have weapons and will defend themselves.  The issue of numerous irrigation wells (that the Barzón contend are illegal) was a flash point long before the massacre.  This was hardly reported in US news and has grown in importance as the region is in a prolonged drought (last year’s harvest of the critical bean crop in Chihuahua was down 86% and prices have tripled).  Julian LeBaron stated that these actions “constitute racism…against his family that has been covered by the government at all three levels…property damage occurring even with and despite police presence, with no one guaranteeing the family’s rights.”  LeBaron then named Chihuahua Governor Javier Corral Jurado as the protector of these violent and vandalous mobs ever since his taking office in 2018.  PAN Governor Corral has happily joined Cabeza de Vaca’s cadre of consiprators, lumbering into the limelight during the Covid-19 crisis as a masked crusader scolding business-opening scofflaws.  (Even as the twenty most wanted criminals in the state openly scoff at him and the very attorney general LeBaron accused of protecting criminals, and the murder rate continues to climb [article photos below]).

This complicity of law enforcement with unruly mobs is also evident amongst US authorities in the Chihuahuan border region.  The day after AMLO and Governor Corral took office, US head of Consultate-Juarez John Travenner appeared on Mexican television nationwide.  He spoke in Spanish to the migrants then caravanning across Mexico, and invited them to the city of Juarez for “assistance to get home.”  I readily understood his cryptic and Aesopean message, that he would assist migrants on the final phase of their jump across the US border.  Soon hundreds of migrants began to debus almost daily across the border in El Paso, Texas, and were then bussed to sanctuary cities across the USA. 

The latest news in the border region is the spreading COVID-19 contagion, which some Mexican officials claim is coming from the United States.  Far more likely is that the contagion is being intentionally spread in Mexico by the 800 Cuban doctors present in the nation.  The UN-trained Mexican Guardia Nacionál stands guard outside all hospitals, preventing entry to family or friends of patients under cover of contagion concerns.  This conveniently prevents any observation of the treatment given to such patients until the doctors exit with condolences and the cenizas (ashes) of the cremated patient, in as little as four hours!  The death rate in Juarez (infamous as the most murderous city in the Americas, with six killings per day last month) has been reported as high as 26% of those infected, and has stabilized around 20%.  This is 200 times the US death rate!  The head of the Organization of American States, conservative Secretary General Luís Almagro, has questioned the “intelligence” (that is, espionage) purpose of the doctors from Cuba now present in 21 nations.  This bastion of tyranny and puppet of Chinese-led world communism has dreamt for decades of the day her infiltrators could descend from a Trojan horse and smash open the gates of Latin America.  

Ten days ago (and 48 hours after AMLO’s announcement that he would meet with Trump) a brazen attempt was made on the life of Mexico City’s police chief, Omar García Harfuch.  The daylight assault in the “Beverly Hills” of Mexico’s capital shocked the city and was meant as a warning to President AMLO.  The 28 sicarios (hitmen) assembled from around the nation for this suicide mission came from states under committed cadre governors, those with the highest levels of drug crime, each controlled by separate cartels that have traditionally been rivals!  It now appears that the conspiracy against AMLO consists of united governors, united political parties, and united cartels. This is happening even as the Mexican Navy is cooperating with US and other nations to blockade smuggling by air and sea like never before.  Transnational criminal organizations are suffering as nearly every shipment of drugs, guns, and money is intercepted and the traffickers arrested.  Their only hope is in state-level sponsors like Cuba and Venezuela and the continued existence of swamp creatures within the governments of nations like the USA and Mexico.  If Trump and AMLO agree to eradicate that, the Americas may well be GRANDE again!

                Addenda: 1. List of 15 of the 32 Mexican states whose governors attended each of three meetings.  The only one present at all three was Governor Francisco Cabeza de Vaca,of the bloody border state of Tamaulipas. 2. Bibliography. 3. Original article identifying Cabeza de Vaca as the leader of a growing revolt.  This was published anonymously by Dave Hodges and is here for the first time published with its extensive bibliography and admitted as being of my authorship. 4. Photos

May 29th meeting 7 governors Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.
June 13-14 meeting 9 PAN governors in Veracruz : Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Durango, Nayarit, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, and Yucatan.  The Governor of Veracruz, where this meeting was held, is a member of AMLO’s MORENA party and refused to attend although it was held in his own state during highest RED level of the quarantine.
June 19 meeting:  Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas demand an audience with AMLO.
Summation of states represented:  Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, and Yucatan.  15 of 32 states in all.  The governors vary in their level of commitment to the conspiracy, and other officials are complicit though not present at these meetings.

#BBCTheAmericasWithSimonReeve November20, 1999 Tamaulipas State Police Military Equipment


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This story is so dangerous for me, I want to publish it anonymously.  The documentation speaks for itself.  I broke it in generalities last night on the Hal Turner Radio Show, but this is the MAIN EVENT WITH SUPPORTING needs to go out TODAY! 



ABC News today reported that Governor Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas, Mexico, reiterated his support for President Trump's classification of Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.  The governor's initial statement signals a bold stand of defiance against his own president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and was made in the most confrontational possible way on November 20, a national holiday and the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.  Governor Cabeza de Vaca made his stand flanked by high officers of the military and Tamaulipas government, clearly mimicking AMLO's appearance in the Distrito Federal with his phalanx of military and police commanders.  Governor Cabeza de Vaca is distinguishing himself as a counterbalance to AMLO and a focal point for opposition against his socialist MORENA ruling party, even as tension between Trump and AMLO is reaching the boiling point and the United States is looking for political allies in Mexico...but a look into the history of Cabeza de Vaca casts serious doubts on the purity of his intentions and his trustworthiness as a partner! 

According to Wikipedia, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca was born a US citizen in McAllen,Texas on 9-17-1967.  He would normally be referred to by his partiarchal surname (Garcia), but very strangely ran for governor in 2016 billed as "Cabeza de Vaca", the surname of his mother's house, perhaps deriving lineage from the great explorer and conquistador of the 1500s.  Perhaps he did this to avoid comparison with Father Francisco Javier Garcia, a Sacramento catholic priest who fled to Mexico in 1995 after being credibly accused of molesting 24 California boys of minority age.  Perhaps the governor has his own closet packed full of skeletons, both in figure of scandals and in fact of literal murder victims, under both the Garcia name and his Cabeza de Vaca moniker of late!

If there is even a whisper of scandal or cartel collusion in Cabeza de Vaca's past, he must be disqualified as a major partner in the drug war with the USA and President Trump...and the word on the streets of Tamaulipas is that the governor himself is the head of the powerful Gulf Cartel!  Further, it appears that Cabeza de Vaca is deliberately courting favor with President Trump as the heir apparent to represent the free world in opposing AMLO and socialist Mexico, an unholy alliance that must be immediately stopped.  
Latin presidencies are not waiting for scheduled elections, but turning over due to coups, corruption arrests, resignations of embattled officials, and outright wars.  Venezuela is struggling between the dictatorial incumbent Maduro and the conservative intern president (Guaido) recognized by over 50 nations.  In Bolivia, dictator Morales has fled to asylum in Mexico and conservative Christian Senator Jeanine Anez Chavez has assumed the presidency, control of the military and police, and renewed relations with the USA.  The same situation is brewing in Mexico, our contiguous next-door-neighbor, a much more populous and proximate nation with far greater military and economic power.  No one has stepped forward to be the interim/opposition president of Mexico and confront the powerful AMLO--until now--and the man making that confrontation may well be an imposter!  Cabeza de Vaca is using his mother's name, has criminal convictions, is reported to have different dates and places of birth, and is listed as the first US-born Mexican governor with dual citizenship...yet he may not be an American at all!  The dismissing of US Customs Agent Raul Rodriguez has highlighted a fraudulent US birth certificate aquisition ring, during the time and in the locality of Cabeza de Vaca's birth. 
Cabeza de Vaca's faux nemesis, "Nemesio" aka "El Mencho", is the head of the brutal and deadly CJNG Cartel and the new face of the "narcoterrorism" that the governor decried.  Cabeza de Vaca is governor of Tamaulipas, home turf of the Gulf Cartel and splinter group Los Zetas, and it is from these locally-based cartels that Cabeza de Vaca is alleged to receive bribes.  CJNG comes from the southwestern Pacific state of Jalisco, on the far side of the country, considered invaders to the long-standing cartel bosses of Tamaulipas.  An official sworn to protect the Gulf Cartel would be expected to ramp up enforcement against their encroaching rivals, Nemesio Ruben Oseguera Cervantes and his Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion. 

The governor's Bush family connections:  Before even taking office, he travelled to San Antonio and Austin, Texas, where he met with the half-Hispanic Texas Land Commissioner and Bush family scion George Prescott Bush, the last member of the Bush family whose career is rising (reportedly eying his uncle's old post, the governorship of Texas).  There are still a number of RINO Republicans in Texas who would like to ditch Trump-a-nomics and get back to the old two-party duopoly, and who better than the last upcoming Bush to bring their power to bear in the governor's ascent?  Many in Mexico also long to get rid of AMLO and return to their PRI/PAN two-party duopoly, where most government posts were licenses to steal, regardless of the officeholder's stated allegiance.  AMLO's soft stance on organized crime has had one notable exception, the "huachicoleros" or fuel thieves.  His military brutally crushed cartel crews tapping the state-owned PEMEX petroleum pipes, even dusting off his aging F-5 fighter jets to patrol the nationwide pipeline network.  Fuel theft was a mainstay of the Gulf Cartel, and the crackdown has hurt them badly.  Cabeza de Vaca is directly implicated in fuel theft, transport of drugs in PEMEX-badged vehicles, and receipt of massive bribes from the fuel-thieving Gulf Cartel--which would love to take revenge on AMLO.

Sid Miller, the Texas Agricultural Commissioner and advisor to Donald Trump, is the other person that Cabeza de Vaca has been meeting with in Texas.  The flamboyant Commissioner was passed over for the Secretary of Agriculture job, but still has Trump's ear.  He has been resistant to Trump's "Build The Wall" policy, but has been pushing for other border-security initiatives and the billions set aside for them.  1.6 billion (worldwide, including 22 aircraft purchased) has already been spent on the "Merida Initiative", a US program to bolster security and cut down transnational crime by US training of foreign military and police and providing US equipment.  Cabeza de Vaca came, even before his gubernatorial election, asking for Merida Initiative money.  He stated that, even with the money, it would take 1 1/2 years to build a proper militarized force.  The money was spent and the force is in place...but is its allegiance to the Gulf Cartel?

Trump's reauthorization of the Patriot Act has been criticised, as it is a draconian and gives the government significant war powers over the affairs of US residents.  This reauthorization is indicative that the president does indeed intend to go to war with the cartels, and it provides significant sanctioning power against cartel-linked businesses both domestically and abroad.  Retired Mexican General Gaytan recently expressed discontent with AMLO's soft stance toward cartel eradication through military force, a major break with tradition and decorum that received a standing ovation from other officers.  Trump's willingness to use military force against the cartels is echoed in Mexico...just sometimes for wrong or personal reasons.  Trump must find the right man to be the focal point of this confrontation.

Tamaulipas State contains all significant border population centers and crossings into Texas, with the exception of Juarez/El Paso.  Control of the overt politics or domination of the underworld of this state is the smuggler's golden goose, controlling both is like having a monopoly on Boardwalk and Park Place.  The war for control has long been intense, both legally and illegally, and Governor Cabeza de Vaca's real nemesis has long been his predecessor, fugitive Tamaulipas Ex-Governor Tomas Yarrington.  Yarrington fled prosecution for five years, was arrested in Italy, and is in now in US custody awaiting trial for bribe-taking and cartel collusion during his governorship.  Yarrington is a convenient villain, often touted as the icon of Mexican corruption, yet there are problems with that narrative.  The DEA informant "Angeles" was expected to testify against Yarrington, and instead stated that he paid a $500,000 bribe to Cabeza de Vaca!  Separate tesimony in the "El Chapo" trial told of bribes in the tens of millions to the governor's associates.  Cabeza de Vaca has also initiated civil proceedings in US court to recover property he alleges Yarrington bought with funds stolen from Tamaulipas treasuries.  The people of Tamaulipas simply do not believe that Yarrington did all those dastardly things.  They say the state did well when he was governor, schools and roads improved, and there was rule of law.  Those same poor constituents got free Cabeza de Vaca campaign t-shirts (a valuable gift in the villages) and wore them...inside out, to hide his name! 

An anonymous "Tamaulipeco", or resident of the state, said Cabeza de Vaca is an "opositor", that he will resist AMLO's policies and take the position opposite that taken by his president, who has so damaged the illegal fuel trade.  There is a trail of bodies behind Cabeza de Vaca that would rival any in Arkansas, including bodyguards, partners-in-crime, government addition to the senseless slaughter from rampant crime and turf wars.  There is a class of criminal that thrives on chaos and human suffering, that will start wars without clear objectives or goals to achieve, that lusts for power only to bring destruction on a wider scale.  This is the bully, which if allowed to grow becomes the tyrant.  This is the heart of Father Francisco Javier Garcia, this is the heart of Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca!  Perhaps his opposite, Tomas Yarrington, will have his day in court and be found innocent on all charges.  Perhaps Yarrington's charges were politically motivated because he governed in righteousness, and was near to winning the general election for the presidency of Mexico!  President Trump, look to Yarrington to be the opposite to both AMLO and Cabeza de Vaca, to be a real law-and-order president and rid the cartels from the face of the earth!

Photo Captions:

Mexican President AMLO (3rd from left) watches the Revolution Day parade from the balcony of the presidential palace with Alfonso Durazno (left), the cabinet head of the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection (which oversees the Federal Police), Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez the Secretary of Defense (over the army and air force), and Admiral Jose R. Ojeda Duran (right), head of the Navy and Naval Marine Infantry). 

Governor Cabeza de Vaca appears at the parade of Tamaulipas state, on the same historic day, similarly flanked by police and military leaders, to make his statement of defiance against his President and his intent to declare war on the cartels (as Trump previously suggested in the wake of the November 4 Mormon massacre). 

Governor-elect Cabeza de Vaca with Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller

    Original referenced ABC News article

    Cabeza de Vaca's original November 20 statement of the cartels as "NARCOTERRORISM" 

    Birth listed September 17, 1967 IN REYNOSA, Merida Initiative money, $500,000 bribe paid to the campaign of Cabeza de Vaca as revealed by DEA informant "Angeles" and reported in the newspaper Diario Reforma in 2015.  "Angeles" was an informant in the investigation of Tomas Yarrington, and was expected to testify against Yarrington, NOT his rival Cabeza de Vaca.

     30 million dollars worth of bribes (according to testimony in the "El Chapo" Guzman trial) were paid to Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni, a known criminal and brother-in-law to Cabeza de Vaca's murdered head of security, Rene Itzaguierre

    Title: "Traces of Narco In The PAN (party) Candidate".  Breakdown naming Cabeza de Vaca's known narco associates; suspicious deaths including that of his bodyguard Rene (Itz-)Aguierre, tranport of drugs in Pemex-badged vehicles; connection to Alfredo Leal Guerra, a former police director under mayor Cabeza de Vaca, and a member of his private security detail when arrested in Texas in 2006 WITH 25 KILOS OF COCAINE.  Information on "protection money" schemes and illegal taxation of imports, and FUEL THEFT.  

6. Firing of US Customs officer Raul Rodriguez highlights many "birth certificates filed by a midwife suspected of having engaged in fraud, as well as those with both a U.S. and foreign birth certificate"  in the very border areas where Cabeza de Vaca was born in the same time period of the late 1960s

    Scathing accusations of Cabeza de Vaca, his teen-aged mugshot in McAllen showing prisoner #33696 on 02-09-1986.  He was arrested for stealing firearms out of a parked car with four accomplices WHO ALL WERE LATER MURDERED IN SEPARATE INCIDENTS.  Cabeza de Vaca's friendship with Horacio Ortiz Renan, who is now CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE TAMAULIPAS SUPREME COURT; their historic favors to Osiel Cardenas Guillen, a known cartel boss, to throw lavish festivities in public forum.  More on the death of Cabeza de Vaca's personal chief bodyguard Rene Itzaguierre, whom Cabeza de Vaca later denied was on his bodyguard detail; assassination of four senior officials in the state attorney general's office in the beginning of the Cabeza de Vaca governorship; connection to Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his associate; connections to "El Chapo" Guzman and massive bribes paid to Cabeza de Vaca associates. 

   Cabeza de Vaca, as a Senator, comes to Texas to make deals in his gubernatorial pre-candidacy

    Other profile page for Cabeza de Vaca listing birth in Reynosa, Tamaulipas in 1969

    "Legislator Profile" page for Cabeza de Vaca with his achievements and history in politics 

    Cabeza de Vaca Meets Sid Miller and Texas Land Commissioner George Prescott Bush (Son of Jeb Bush), eyes Merida Initiative money

    Cabeza de Vaca meets again with Sid Miller 

13.         Cabeza de Vaca's pursuit of Merida Initiative money discussed further

    Can George Prescott Bush revive the Bush Brand?  Half-Hispanic politician eyes the Governorship 

    Priest of same name whereabouts unknown, fled to Mexico in 1995 after credible abuse accusations by 24 victims

    Among the accusations against Ex-governor Tomas Yarrington, he MAY HAVE helped Cabeza de Vaca into politics

    Another accusation against Yarrington, widely believed, is that he had state protection during his five years as a fugitive.  The source of this rumor (in this article) is the accusation of the same by Cabeza de Vaca!

    Ex-Governor Yarrington, the "isolated prisoner" held apart from the general population in pre-trial detention at the HDC Houston detention center

    Cabeza de Vaca "leads state's effort" to sue for possession of Cameron County, Texas land allegedly bought by Yarrington and associates with funds pilfered from Tamaulipas treasuries. May 9, 2019

    Retired general Gaytan criticized AMLO's "hugs not bullets" cartel policy, receives "standing ovation by attendees who included current and former high-ranking military officials, including Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval"

Final Photos:  Newspaper articles from El Diario De Chihuahua on LeBaron confrontation (1) and the 20 most wanted criminals in Chihuahua openly mocking the attorney general (2).  US head of consulate-Juarez John Travenner on Mexican national television Dec. 2 2018 (3).