I want to start by posting some basic information about myself and writing style.

I'm inspired by a wide variety of authors. Some well known best selling authors with published books such as Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, David Weber, Jack Campbell, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Correia, Eric Flint, Aaron Alliston, and Orson Scott Card just to name a few.

I'm also a fan of a number of authors that have thrived on e-books. Such as E. William Brown, Dakota Krout, Jonathan Brooks, William D Arand (Randi Darren), Logan Jacobs, Eric Vall, Simon Archer, Stuart Groose, D. L. Harrison, Timothy Ellis, Daniel Schinhofen, Elliott Kay, Mike Truk, Jan Stryvant, Michael Chatfield, Tao Wong, L. M. Kerr, and so many more. 

I'm sure if I sat down and looked through my bookcase and kindle unlimited that I've read and would highly recommend.

If you are like me and have read many of these authors, or just google them, you will realize that they cover a broad spectrum of fantasy and sci-fi. It's the same with the books I'm in the process of writing. Some are in worlds where the characters have super powers, others are set in worlds where magic runs rampant, some have a more modern and sci-fi setting, and still others are set in less typical worlds such as litrpg or cultivation.

Just as a warning many of my books will contain adult situations. Violence, nudity, slavery, and more. Even the mildest of my books wouldn't end up in the young adult section. Although many of my characters have some principles and lines they won't cross, the same can't be said of many of the villains. Also some of my characters wouldn't exactly be called heroes, in fact if they weren't compared to the villains of their world many would probably consider them villains. Many times right and wrong isn't set in stone and depends mostly on what those around us believe is acceptable.