This took about 3 or so days, especially with the amount of detail in each panel. 
Bout 11 layers to make this [I do have a type of "behind the scenes" for it.]
But yeah, it's summer time!
It's time for the bunnies to just go wilds and have fun in the sun!
Wake up, have some breakfast, play around in the water and rocks, maybe some fishing for Andy--
Then Andy treating them in town at a local cafe, then maybe go down to the beach to spend the first day of summer and soak in the ocean air!
Then at night---fire flies!
There are some things I suppose to note:
Like the characters you see in panel 4 will be eventually said, and even introduced. Just not now....nows not the time...

also, in the last panel
Last night while drawing it in, it was just gonna be a one moon thing, but then I realized, I can create whatever world I want!
And then the cooper beauty behind it happened.
And I even gave them names, and even the world they live on, a name!
Lunair [the small white moon]
Loomare [The red "planet" behind it]
World name: Goddensian 

So, Loomare, is actually a planet, that just so happens to be close to Lunair, and their world.
I figured if I'm making a world, and hopefully video game to go with it---I'm going to make it awesome! 

Though sorry for another wordless comic, it was just something for summer. Well first day of summer, I'm just 5 days late to it lol.